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YouTube for Android TV may soon get video description, other new features


YouTube for Android TV may soon get video description, other new features

Google is working on new features for YouTube on the Android TV platform. According to 9to5Google, YouTube on Android TV will soon have a new video player that will also show video description. The set of new features will also include new channel shortcuts.

The big highlight is that it will be the first time YouTube on Android TV will offer these details. So far, the video’s description box does not appear on the TV version. An About button will show users text description. It will be interesting to see how YouTube will manage links within the description. According to the report, these links won’t open from the app.

Apart from the new description box, YouTube for Android TV users will also see new chips. There will be a “Suggestions” section with recommended videos. The app will also make it easier to go back to the search results. You will also see items such as “More recommended for you”, “Recently uploaded”, and other categories based on the videos you’ve been watching.

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Separately, YouTube has announced an update to its terms of service for users in India. Effective from June 1, these terms were similarly updated in the United States in November last year. One of the updated terms focuses on royalty payments and tax withholding.

“For creators entitled to revenue payments, such payments will be treated as royalties from a US tax perspective and Google will withhold taxes where required by law,” says YouTube.