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WhatsApp to Cut Out Older iPhone and Android Phones This Coming January 1: Here’s a List


WhatsApp to Cut Out Older iPhone and Android Phones This Coming January 1: Here’s a List

WhatsApp to Cut Out Older iPhone and Android Phones This Coming January 1: Here’s a List 
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WhatsApp has recently decided to end its service for a number of different devices beginning January 1, 2021. The devices mentioned are also pretty much out-of-use at this particular point. However, assuming a person still wants to use the same phone for years and years as long as it still works, it might be better to check out the list in order to be safe.

Which phones can use WhatsApp? 

According to an article by SlashGear, for those with an older mobile device and also plan to use WhatsApp as 2021 comes in fast, it might be time to upgrade the device and get one that can support not just WhatsApp but also a number of other applications.This particular inevitable switch is something that owners of old devices dread but is only natural with the upgrade of technology.

This is also quite similar to the cutoff that happened during the start of 2020. For those that thought the previous cut-off was a bit too harsh, the cut-off this time will blow them away. This is actually the very first time that WhatsApp has decided not to work on the very first iPhone that was ever released.

Which phones will WhatsApp stop supporting?

On January 1, 2021, WhatsApp will no longer support the following devices despite having an updated operating system:

The tricky part comes to the following units as WhatsApp will still function on them, however, will require users to update into iOS 9 or to Android 4.0.3 and if not, they will completely stop supporting the app come January 1, 2021.

  • The iPhone 4S

  • The iPhone 5

  • The iPhone 5S

  • The iPhone 6

  • The iPhone 6S

  • The LG Lucid

  • The Motorola DROID 4

  • The Sony Xperia Pro

  • The HTC Sensation

  • The HTC Thunderbolt (4G!)

  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 1st Gen

  • The Samsung Galaxy S III and even newer models

For those that already have a device along with WhatsApp that is running the KaiOS, they will also need to make sure to update to KaiOS 2.5.1 or the later versions. This also includes the JioPhone and even the JioPhone 2.

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Does WhatsApp run on jailbreak iPhone/Android?

For those that are working on a jailbroken iPhone for WhatsApp, it is important to note WhatsApp’s official statement that can be found on their website. It was stated that they do not technically restrict the use of certain jailbroken or even unlocked devices. However, due to the modifications, this might still affect the overall functionality within their devices. WhatsApp won’t be able to provide support for the devices using this modified version of the new iPhone operating system.

For those with older phone versions or with phones that were mentioned in the list above, it might be the perfect time to upgrade.

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