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Viva Wallet launches Tap on Phone feature for Android POS apps


Viva Wallet launches Tap on Phone feature for Android POS apps

Viva Wallet, a European-wide neobank that provides enterprises with localized payment services, taps on for both contactless and pin payments with the ability to turn NFC-enabled Android devices into card devices. The phone solution has started.

The purpose of Viva Wallet is to provide a cost-effective alternative to accepting payments, as it does not require installation, contracts, monthly fees, or physical card purchases, while at the same time in this increasingly digitized world. To meet consumer expectations. Contactless payment is desirable.

By opening access to payments, merchants can enhance their payment experience, reduce in-store latency, and hospitality companies can give waiters who receive payments full mobility and speed up the entire process. I will.

Viva Wallet also secured an additional $ 80 million in technology and financial services investors, including Tencent, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Breyer Capital.

Greek settlement companies, which obtained a banking license from Praxia Bank last year, will continue to use new funding to accelerate the deployment of Tap on Phone. Viva Wallet also initiates a “One Line Code Integration” smart checkout. It dynamically adapts to the cardholder’s region and preferences to improve conversion rates. Merchants also have access to a new range of pre-financed products.