Top Sea Adventure, Underwater Exploration Games for Android, IOS

Top Sea Adventure, Underwater Exploration Games for Android, IOS

Top Sea Adventure, Underwater Exploration Games for Android, IOS

FPS and MOBAs have made their way onto mobile in a big way, but console-heavy genres like RPGs and Fighting Games have some ways to go before measuring to the same level of success on the mobile platform. That being said, underwater exploration-type games haven’t seen much on the console platform, but are not to be underestimated when it comes to mobile. Here are the best underwater exploration games for Android and IOS.

Best Sea Adventure Mobile Games to Enjoy the Trills of Unwater Exploration


Debris is a strong contender for being one of the most popular games within the genre. Available on all platforms except for the Nintendo Switch, the brand put a bulk of its attention on the details of the underwater world, and it did not disappoint. You are a part of a team who are investigating meteoric debris that has sunk underwater. While discovering more about the phenomenon, you’ll have to fight off obstacles based on the options you have chosen during the campaign. It is truly an immersive experience that has done wonders for the genre in terms of storytelling. The game is priced at USD$10.

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Ultimate Ocean Simulator

If exploring the deep sea as a regular scuba diver doesn’t interest you, Ultimate Ocean Simulator holds true to its name and allows players to be an ocean animals instead. Whether it is a fish or Octopus, players can choose their creature of choice and do what animals normally do. Hunting and exploring relics are part of the adventure, but creating a family is also on the table if you choose to lean into your identity as an ocean dweller. It is a fascinating experience that doesn’t steer too far off reality and is definitely worth a try. The game is priced at USD0.99.

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Fishdom 3

Fishdom takes a lighthearted approach to the genre with its cartoonish graphics and kid-friendly objectives. The series challenges players with a plethora of puzzles that get increasingly harder the more you level up. From terrifying sea predators to bombs, each puzzle poses an impending obstacle that will make solving puzzles tricky. Fishdom is the perfect option for those who are keen to exercise their brains with innovative puzzles with the theme of the deep sea. The game is for all ages and is free to play.

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Ace of Seafood

Despite what the title would have you believe, Ace of Seafood isn’t a cooking game, but instead, one where humans have become literal food of the sea. Set in the future, the game shows different species of fish battling each other and you are caught in the middle! With advanced technology and a well-coordinated team, you will have to eliminate immediate threats and survive the mission. The game has the interface of a third-person shooter and will require a certain level of mechanical experience for you to land your shots against hostile marine life. It is a fun, technical experience and is free to play. 

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Hungry Shark World

Ubisoft does it again with their surprising releases on less recognized genres. Hungry Shark World deep dives into the oceanic world as a predator. Functioning somewhat as a platformer like Mario or Sonic, you’ll assume the role of a shark that is tasked by gobbling up unassuming prey while you traverse the horizontal plane. The interface is extremely easy to manage and is a breeze to use. Players can choose the type of sharks they want to be and even their outfits which makes this one of the most customizable games in the genre. It’s all meant to be good fun and is perfect for the casual audience. This game is free to play. 

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Diving Trunks

Possibly the most cartoony game on this list, Diving Trunks looks like you’re playing something straight out from someone’s doodles. The gameplay is simple and optimal for mobile. Players will use an elephant that has dropped into the ocean and he/she must avoid colliding with marine life in order to progress to the next level. The types of sea monsters are randomly generated and there is no sequence to exploit in order to progress. The game is measured by a scoring basis and players can battle it out against each other online based on their high scores. A casual game that can be competitive with a little bit of effort – Diving Trunks is free to play and definitely worth a try. 

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Scuba Diving Simulator

The title is exactly how it sounds – a tale of a scuba diver exploring the depths of the ocean and the dangers it comes with. Exotic wildlife, wreckage, and even treasure all await the player, however, shark hunting will be one of your main priorities. Missions are assigned based on how advanced you are in the game and the exploration will get more dangerous the more you explore. The game does not require wifi whatsoever and is available anytime, anywhere. Scuba Diving Simulator recognizes the needs of the mobile gaming community and provides easy-to-use controllers for the platform too. This game is free to play. 

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Jurassic Dino Water World

There has always been a healthy representation of land-dwelling dinosaurs in films, but Jurassic Dino Water World zeroes in on their aquatic counterparts. The game is purely meant to be an exploration experience, where players can use a multitude of species that might not get as much attention. Existing sea creatures are also present and the act of cross-breeding makes for very fun combinations that dwell in the fictional territory. The graphics are cartoony but do well to capture the proper representation of all the marine creatures it portrays. This game is free to play.

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