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The best skating games to download on Android


The best skating games to download on Android

Do you know what skating or gymkhana is on the wheel?

A little history. The Drift Japan has its cradle, and there is a real anger around it. He began to popularize it Kunimitsu Takahashi In the 70s, at car races in the country of Rising Sun, after leaving his platform as a motorcycle pilot. Then in the 80s, Keichi SuciyaSettled in Takahashi, he took that driving style to the best, street races and mountain trails.

What are the differences between car and skating races

There are contests DriftOf course, and, of them, the priority is not to cross a verified flag, but to get a high score by ‘sliding’. Thus, with the help of a device installed in each vehicle, continuous judges are responsible for scoring each driver based on parameters such as curve speed, sliding angle, smoke or sound coming from the wheels.

Drifting, the combination of speed, sliding, smoke and screaming sounds that come with some motor racing, is not a simple style of riding. In Japan, it is almost a religion; In the West, media man Ken Black has already made a name for himself. Video games are not alien to him, which is why we bring you a small selection of topics to enjoy their fascinating nature.

It is a driving technique that involves the vehicle sliding while going through a curve, allowing the rear wheels to continue toward the outside of the turn. By doing this, the car, instead of following a straight line in the logical race line, advances across the asphalt, going almost up the horizontal path. Like ice skating, this automotive art is the most plastic one can find in a roundabout.

Skating games for Android only

After a good volume of history about this street culture, we now go with the best titles on Android and enjoy its best skating, but with the difference that can be done from home and without any major risk, despite the low adrenaline.

FR Legends

FR Legends is an alternative title, one of the demonstrations that even exists with a film Anime, can Be the perfect solution. Don’t be intimidated by the graphics or the initial control, the feeling of flying sideways in the Epic Jump will be invaluable when you chain one slide to another. A skating racing game is not going to win any game of the year awards, but it manages to keep the player entertained and engaged, mainly due to its high level of difficulty.

FR Legends

Traction myths

If you are not so sure with the cartoonish graphics of FR Legends, You have the option Drift Myths. Heading with good 3D modeling, many types of vehicles, JTM and other parts, fast loading screens, good sound and lighting effects, as well as highly precise controls that allow you to quickly adjust to the control of cars.

Although you will start with a falling equipment, little by little you can choose between different cars and customize and upgrade them. Each car has its own characteristics and very detailed components. Also, the mechanical sounds are very realistic, so the high-speed effect is amazing.

CarX Drift Racing 2

In this simulator it is not fast enough, you have to complete the complete command of the wheel and chain slides to come first. You can get it in this sliding simulator Behind the wheel of more than 40 sports cars It gives you a unique and very realistic adventure with a powerful soundtrack.

One of the best features of CarX Drift Racing It offers many customization possibilities. Not only can you drive a variety of sports cars, you can also customize them by changing their color, adding changes and selecting the controls that are most appropriate for you (touch buttons, virtual steering or turning the device) and Choose from tons of interactive camera shots So you don’t miss an angle.

Absolute drift

One of the most sobering experiences you can experience in a skating rink. The control of the vehicle, the aerial view and even the universe in a clean style Mirrors Edge Thanks for its color palette, They lead us to a very fruitful topic. In which we can chain very long skates and in many cases will leave us with that satisfying smile when completing each challenge. An adaptation of a topic found on consoles can be found in the project: Drift Game, The closest thing to its number for Android.

Project: Traction

Speaking of the King of Rome, let’s go with the other topics mentioned in the skating culture. This game offers competitive tracks that allow you to live a unique gliding experience.
Open up new business opportunities and get new cars. It has 4 operator modes: Beginner, Entertainment, Expert, Professional. As you improve your sliding skills, new operator modes will open up.

Real traction car racing light

Undoubtedly one of the games that can be considered one of the most realistic, but it is still very managed in controls and very fun thanks to its arcade game. The features that are a part of this handset are quite sophisticated, to say the least.

To enjoy this card letter it must be completed with logically different game modes. This work is highly rewarding in terms of the game experience with more than 11 tracks with 36 modified championships and more difficulty with redesign.

Thumb Gliding – Furious car skating

If we do not go for an arcade experience that is very serious in its definition, we have this title, which is very simple in terms of gameplay and visuals. It has very low definition and high toy-like graphics. On the run, it only has a simple swipe of the screen with your finger.

In fact, it only takes one thumb to guide the car, where you can go through different maps with obstacles like gymkhana to get coins and cross levels. It’s like a Hot Wheels product, we have countless cars.

Drift Max Pro: Racing Game

This new race-centric creation comes from the creators of the famous racing game Drift Max. It has a professional system with exciting seasons and hundreds of challenges. Choose your racing car, customize it, and start skating. Select your camera and change the path viewing mode if your car is outside or the cockpit is inside.

Graphically, with many licenses from genuine brands like Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, this is one of the best positions in this type of game. In addition, the various forms of competition are loose, so we are definitely not going to get bored.

Traction collision

The title refers to being degraded in the dynamics of visual and physics, but with a more competitive approach due to its multiplayer modes. A game that allows you to compete with other players in real time, and becomes the king of skating around the world.

However, the game has a retro feel, so don’t fool yourself. Cars have realistic physics, we have no drift driving aids, steering assistants or other tricks. Easy to control and play, but in this racing game everything depends on your skill with the mobile screen.

Hajwala Drift Android

This game gives us dozens of different cars that we can customize to our liking: Colors, tires, edges, windows, interiors, mechanical featuresWe can actually customize our pilot, if we want, if we want, with Dizellaba (you have something in the Middle East). Of course, we forget to pick a female driver who doesn’t look well there (that’s all).

The game offers different scenes, and it offers the possibility to do it alone or in multiplayer mode. You will have to face traffic roads that can beat your competitors, and you have a variety of driving scenes.