The Best PS1 Emulators For PC and Android 2021

The Best PS1 Emulators For PC and Android 2021

The Best PS1 Emulators For PC and Android 2021

While we wish it were easy to rediscover ancient games, getting your hands on an old title you want to play again is usually either impossible or too expensive. Emulation comes into play here. Sony released the PlayStation Classic, but it only comes with 20 of the top PS1 titles and isn’t capable of running anything else.

What if you wish to play a game that wasn’t included in the list? Emulators provide you access to the complete PlayStation game library, allowing you to play all of the top titles available on the previous system. Most of these will run on Android or PC, but a few will also run on Mac and Linux.

If you conduct a short search, you will discover that there are numerous emulators to select from. Take a look at our list of the best PS1 emulators if you’re having trouble deciding which one to try. We’re confident you’ll discover one that suits you.


ePSXe is a one-stop-shop for great PS1 emulation and is one of the most well-known and trustworthy PlayStation emulators for Android. Original PlayStation games may be played with a PS3 or PS4 controller for a more natural experience, thanks to customizable controls and controller support across all platforms.

OpenGL improved graphics are supported by ePSXe, as well as a split-screen option for local multiplayer games. It features save and load states, just like most emulators, so you can pick up just where you left off. It’s free on PC, Mac, and Linux, and you can get it from the official ePSXe website, but it’ll set you back $3.75 on the Google Play Store if you want to use it on Android.

ePSXe used to be updated on a regular basis, but not much has changed since 2016. ePSXe is a legacy emulator that is still one of the best, despite being basically stagnant and final at this time.



Mednafen, formerly known as Nintencer, is a multi-system emulator that adds PlayStation functionality. Its emulation is centered on precision, and it has a save state feature. Mednafen is extremely complex to set up while surpassing the PSX in accuracy tests. Because the emulator lacks a graphical user interface, it relies on frontend GUIs like mednaffe and medgui reborn.

For starters, mednafen adds support for ISO files and uses a command-line interface. Users can start a game on mednafen by dragging and dropping the.cue file onto mednafen.exe. You may configure player 1 controller by pressing Shift+Alt+1, and you can toggle fullscreen by pressing Alt+Enter.



In this ranking of the finest PS1 emulators, FPSE comes in second. It’s a PlayStation emulator for Android that works on almost all smartphones and has more customization choices than a Cyberpunk 2077 character.

FPSE is ideal for anyone seeking for a simple emulator that doesn’t require any fiddling. It runs all of the finest PS1 games smoothly and includes all of the standard features like save states and controller support.

FPSE, on the other hand, has a slew of complex capabilities that allow gamers to turn it into the ultimate custom PS1 emulator. They’re not required, but they’re an excellent addition for those who wish to go deeper into the program. Play around with the graphics options to make your games even more appealing!

Although BIOS files are required to run the app for the first time, every game can be customized.



ClassicBoy is a multi-platform emulator that lets you play games from the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Pokemon Mini, Sega Genesis, and Atari 2600 VCS.

ClassicBoy simulates a D-pad and properly adjusts tilt parameters using the smartphone’s sensor. It integrates motions with the gamepad. Eight swipe patterns can be recognized on either side of the screen, and each pattern can be assigned to a game button.

Each button’s size and location can be customized using the layout editor. For up to four players, the emulator allows key mapping.



RetroArch isn’t an emulator in the traditional sense. It’s a “frontend” that allows you to keep a collection of emulators in one convenient location. The emulation cores for PSX are from Mednafen, so if you’re having difficulties utilizing Mednafen as a standalone product, this is an excellent one to try. RetroArch’s best feature is that it’s NetPlay compatible, which means it can play some games online.

To play games on it, you’ll need to download BIOS files, just like Mednafen. RetroArch is compatible with most home consoles, despite the fact that we only specified four platforms above. However, in order to use RetroArch, you may need to modify your console, which we do not advocate. RetroArch for Android is available for download from the Google Play Store. Users on other platforms should visit the RetroArch official website.



Xebra, sometimes known as Arbex, is a PlayStation emulator developed in Japan that can run a variety of PSone games at a respectable pace. The application runs smoothly on Windows and is also available for Android. Xebra focuses on precise PSX console emulation and does not require any plugins.

The emulator produces visual, audio, and motion output in native resolution, which can be choppy at times. Xebra can run popular PS1 titles like Megaman and Resident Evil 2 despite its lack of a user interface. It is one of the few Playstation emulators that is PocketStation compatible.

PCSX Reloaded


In this list of the greatest PS1 emulators, PCSX-Reloaded is ranked second. It’s a reliable and straightforward emulator that can handle everything from Crash Team Racing to Spyro.

PCSX was initially released in the year 2000. Following that, the developers created PCSX2, the finest of the best PS2 emulators. After being picked up by retro gaming aficionados, the reloaded PS1 application debuted in 2009 and runs flawlessly.

It’s a breeze to use this emulator. It can also be connected to DualShock controllers for the ultimate throwback PS1 experience. In our opinion, an emulator that works with one of the best PS1 accessories ever created is a victory!



DuckStation prioritizes playability, quickness, and long-term upkeep. Its goal is to recreate the game as closely as possible while retaining a high level of performance.

ISO, MDS, CHD, ECM, and unencrypted PBP game images are all supported by the app. You must convert or re-dump any games that are in other formats.

It works with devices that are 64-bit x86 and 32-bit/64-bit ARM. On 32-bit ARM machines, however, the emulator will not work well. For good performance, you’ll need at least a 1.5 GHz processor. A mid-range device is required for high upscaling (more significant than 2x).



Bizhawk is a Mednafen-powered emulator that is ideal for more laid-back gamers. Its underlying allure is its ability to run fast. BizHawk allows speedrunners to use tools that change the gameplay for retro game runs. BizHawk comes with many preprogrammed help skills that gamers can use to tweak their game settings until they’re happy.

It includes capabilities like rewinding (presumably for practice purposes) and recording devices. BizHawk is compatible with dozens of platforms in addition to PlayStation. If you want to speedrun on your PC, BizHawk is a great place to start.



Matsu is a popular multi-system emulator that focuses mostly on PS1 emulation. Matsu PCX Emulator was created to allow people to play any PlayStation game on their Android device. The emulator includes controller support as well as customized touch controls. Aside from that, Matsu can detect and load.bios files in your device automatically.

Despite a flurry of new features, Matsu still has a long way to go, particularly in terms of compatibility lists and speed. Matsu currently supports game images in the.iso and.img formats and features a user interface that is simple to master.



EmuBox is a free application that allows you to play most classic game ROMs on your Android device. Each ROM can have a maximum of 20 save spaces, and you can snap screenshots while playing.

The emulator isn’t limited to the PlayStation 1. Instead, it works with a variety of different consoles, such as the GBA, NES, and NDS. You can adjust the settings to get the best results for each game. You can also play with an external controller by connecting a Bluetooth gamepad or plugging in your gamepad.

Furthermore, the application’s UI appears to be user-friendly and attractive.

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