The best laptop for podcasting

The best laptop for podcasting

The best laptop for podcasting

For those who want to start podcasting or who want to take their podcast projects to a higher level of professionalism, purchasing a podcasting laptop is a good starting point.

A laptop computer simplifies the process of managing distribution of your podcasts, while also giving you editing and recording features for your podcasts. With the right podcasting equipment connected to the laptop, you’ll sound far more professional in your podcasts in very little time.

The Apple MacBook Pro is a top-of-the-line choice with the power necessary to upgrade your podcasting experience from beginning to end.

What to know before you buy a laptop for podcasting

The majority of people running a podcast choose to make use of digital audio workstation software (often shortened to DAW). It’s important to be certain that the laptop you want to use has the hardware required to operate the software properly (called the recommended requirements for the software).

Random access memory stores the data and files the laptop is using currently. Having at least 4GB of RAM should allow the laptop to store and use the audio files without lags, ensuring a smoother audio recording. For the best results, it’s recommended to have 8GB of RAM or more.

The laptop’s central processing unit handles the majority of the data processing and software performance for podcasting. Look for a CPU with at least 2 GHz of clock speed, although 3 GHz or higher works even better for high-end DAW software.

Although the majority of DAW software packages work with multiple operating systems, some packages may only work with a particular operating system, such as Windows or Mac. If your favorite DAW software requires a particular operating system, match it with the laptop you select.

To prevent lags in accessing your stored files on the hard drive, look for a hard drive with solid state drive technology rather than hard disk drive technology. An SSD works far faster than an HDD and operates without noise, which is helpful for those making audio recordings.

Laptop for podcasting features

Your laptop should have a dedicated microphone port, or it should have plenty of open USB ports through which you can connect a USB microphone. Using USB microphones gives you the option of operating two or three microphones at the same time, or you can plug the microphones into a USB-connected audio mixer for better performance.

Laptops rarely have high-quality built-in speakers, so adding a set of headphones gives you a better feel for how the audio sounds. Laptops should have a dedicated headphones port or a free USB port for headphones.

Laptop for podcasting cost

The most basic laptops for podcasting cost $350-$750. For a higher level of audio quality and the fastest level of performance, which can help your podcast sound more professional, expect to spend $750-$2,500.

Laptop for podcasting FAQ

Could I use a tablet or smartphone for podcasting instead of a laptop?

A. Tablets and smartphones don’t have the processing power to match what’s found in a laptop. They struggle to create high-quality audio, and editing the audio properly is difficult on these mobile devices. A laptop allows for a far higher-quality recording.

Should I use the built-in microphone on the laptop for podcasting?

A. The built-in microphone can work for podcasting, but it’s not recommended for those who want the highest level of audio quality. You should have a separate, high-quality microphone that you plug into the laptop.

Which laptop for podcasting should I get?

Best of the best laptop for podcasting

Apple MacBook Pro: available at Amazon

Our take: Includes top-of-the-line processor power and other features for the fastest levels of performance.

What we like: Includes a 16-inch display screen, which helps when editing. Offers studio-quality audio recording hardware and software.

What we dislike: Very expensive.

Best bang for your buck laptop for podcasting

Acer Aspire 5: available at Amazon

Our take: Inexpensive laptop that includes a faster processor than you may expect to find for this price.

What we like: Includes a full HD resolution display that measures 15.6 inches. Long battery life.

What we dislike: Only contains 4GB of RAM and a 128GB hard drive.

Honorable mention laptop for podcasting

Microsoft Surface Go: available at Amazon

Our take: Perfect 2-in-1 laptop for those doing podcasting while on the go, as it weighs only 1.15 pounds.

What we like: Includes up to 9 hours of battery life. Offers a touchscreen for ease of use.

What we dislike: Screen only measures 10 inches diagonally. Processing power lags behind others.

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