The 5 Best Apps to Help Manage Your Keto Diet

The 5 Best Apps to Help Manage Your Keto Diet

The 5 Best Apps to Help Manage Your Keto Diet

Dieting and health have come a long way from the early days of just exercising and avoiding junk food. One of the most popular diets nowadays is the keto diet, a plan that involves focusing on a high-fat diet to encourage the body to burn fat.

If you are looking to start a keto diet, here are some great apps to help you get started.

1. Senza

Senza is the perfect app for those looking to get into a keto diet. The app focuses on helping you maintain a keto diet alongside fasting, ensuring you never put your health at risk. It provides various plans that take in various factors such as your workout schedule, weight, and much more.

A variety of tools are provided to you, including a barcode scanner, restaurant menus, and fasting timers to help you. Tracking your nutritional intake and daily progress, the app uses all this to determine the progress you are making and adjusting as it sees fit.

If you are new to keto and are confused about what you can eat, Senza comes with a large keto-friendly database that provides you with 5,000 recipes as well as a registry of 1.6 million food items.

Keep track of everything in your personal journal which you can share with your friends and view theirs to gain motivation and inspiration. The app combines everything you need to live a healthy life, from exercising, weight control, to your ketones.

Download: Senza for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Carb Manager

One of the hardest things to manage on a diet is your carb intake regardless of what diet plan you follow. Carbs are an inevitable component of a large variety of food, which is why Carb Manager is a great app. It is a food tracker designed to make tracking your calories as simple and efficient as possible.

The app uses AI image recognition for you to log your meals with a single camera press. The macro calculator and carbohydrate counter automatically track your carbs, fat, and protein, alerting you if you are going over your limit. This combined with various features including low-carb diet articles, forums, recipes, a meal planner, and more, makes the app extremely useful.

It’s a must-have for anyone needing help maintaining a keto diet but who isn’t looking for anything too complicated or intrusive.

Download: Carb Manager for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. KetoDiet

KetoDiet is an organization established by a team of health professionals who have researched and held several achievements in the field of nutrition. It was designed to provide accuracy and reliability regarding keto and food science.

The end result can be viewed through the app, which provides insight and advice on a keto diet from professionals that cannot be obtained elsewhere. The app provides news and daily developments regarding keto, along with expert advice and new recipes for you to try out that utilize food science.

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The app provides the basic tools required for any dietary app such as meal planners and progress trackers. However, the app tracks additional information including water intake, mood and energy, blood, urine, and breath ketones.

For those looking for complete health analysis, they can even provide their blood glucose and lipids. This data is further used in research to provide more accurate, health-orientated advice to KetoDiet’s members.

Download: KetoDiet for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Keto Carb Counter Diet Manager

Tasteaholics is a keto website dedicated to making keto more accessible for everyone. Creator of the “Keto Diet for Dummies”, it provides recipes and articles on how to enjoy keto and have fun with it, to see it as more than just a diet.

The Keto Carb Counter Diet Manager app provides people with a quick and easy way to access the website’s content. The app provides thousands of keto and low-carb meal recipes, ranging from affordable to more expensive ones, so you can always find something for yourself.

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Tasteaholics provides countless alternative recipes for high-carb meals using keto ingredients so you can find an answer to whatever you are craving. Weekly digests and articles are available for you to always have something new to try, and the app comes bundled with a calorie and macro tracker, exercise and workout tracking, and meal planners.

The app is great for foodies who are afraid to start a keto diet if it means missing out on their favorite meals.

Download: Keto Carb Counter Diet Manager for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Cronometer

Cronometer is one of the largest nutrition trackers currently available. Regardless of your diet, the app can help you track all your nutritional information. Its database includes 82 micronutrients including Fiber and Omega-3. Users can submit their food to help increase the database, and it’s all analyzed by Cronometer’s staff for accuracy.

This helps it include more diverse palettes for those from different countries. The app also has a professional version for healthcare professionals to manage their clients.

You can make custom plans and track all your daily food intake alongside your supplements and water consumption. Your daily exercise routines, fasting schedule, and nutritional information such as calories and cholesterol are used in analysis and you can view biometric reports on your progress.

The app allows you to connect with your healthcare physician and they can monitor your progress. Cronometer was created for those looking for a daily manager as well as for people who are in a more serious position, having to take care of their health.

Download: Cronometer for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Living a Healthy Life

Taking care of your health is an important task, but not an easy one. It can be hard for people to abandon their comfortable lifestyles, but with the right motivation and support, anything is possible. Keto is a great place to start. There have been countless innovations to make it friendly for newcomers and these apps are the first step towards a healthier path.

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