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Technical Guruji: The best laptop for students & gaming in your 30s


Technical Guruji: The best laptop for students & gaming in your 30s

Apple Pro or Apple Air – which should you pick? And how much should you invest if you’re a gamer who’s way beyond his 20s

By Gaurav Chaudhary

UPDATED ON APR 03, 2021 10:45 PM IST

Pro vs Air

Is there a huge difference between a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro? I’m a student and I’m wondering if it’s worth stretching my budget for a Pro.

—Jiten K, Via Instagram

Both, the Apple Pro and Apple Air are powered by the latest M1 chip. For a student, I’d recommend you go for the MacBook Air and not with the Pro, because Air is powerful enough to handle most functionalities that a student will have. The key difference between the two devices would be in terms of performance, and it means that Pro would deliver a longer sustained performance. In case, you’re a professional who wants to use your device for a longer period of time without compromising on the performance over the years, then go for a Pro definitely as it has slightly better speakers and display. Given the kind of requirements that a student may have, Air is just as good, as it is light to carry around, has a sleek design and is portable.

Gamer forever!

I’m 38 and I love video games. I’ve the PS3 and I want to upgrade to the latest PlayStation 5, but my wife says it’s a waste of money. Is it worth upsetting my wife and my bank balance?

—AC, Chandigarh

Taking your age into consideration, I’m going to assume that you’re stable in life so go for the PlayStation 5. If you really like gaming then PS3 is very old right now. And, PS5 will elevate and enhance your experience. The price is justified for the performance it delivers and the PS5 will last you for years since Sony does not release an upgrade every year. Also, it’s about spending your own money on your pleasures, right? So, it’s okay to spend the 50k if you really love gaming!

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