Sugar Mail: Email manager for Android

Sugar Mail: Email manager for Android

Sugar Mail: Email manager for Android

Our extensive use of email services for professional, as well as personal work, has made it impossible for standard email managers to satiate our everyday needs. Staying in contact with your peers doesn’t cut it anymore. We have to be informed as early as possible, keep all stats on our fingertips and manage time efficiently. It will be too much on our part to expect all this from a standard email app. 

Certain changes are to be made if you want to stay ahead and informed at all times. Sugar mail app for Android is a definite way of upgrading your email experience. It offers so much more assistance and extra features that it is impossible to go back to a standard email app once you have spent some time with Sugar mail. It is versatile in offering efficient email management, immediate notification response and offers a seamless experience on any internet mail service from AOL to Zoho. 

There are many email management apps in the app stores but Sugar Mail has made a clear distinction among them. In this sugar mail app review we will see what sets it apart from other providers available in the market?

A well-rounded email app for Android users

Sugar Mail is a comprehensive email service which is created by keeping all the popular email services into consideration. It syncs well with all popular email service providers and helps people maintain an efficient workflow without breaking their habits. Users can sync multiple email accounts, even from different email clients and still maintain a homogeneous flow of work without treating both accounts differently. 

Sugar Mail is developed by Kostya Vasilyev with the aim of creating an Android app which does not impose any particular email workflow over others and offers a universal platform to manage email accounts from all providers efficiently. Though launched recently, Sugar Mail has been reviewed and used by thousands of tech-enthusiasts and working professionals. Though currently, the app is only available on Google Play Store, a version for Huawei AppGallery is soon to be launched. 

Sugar Mail is focused on offering a hassle-free and easy to manage email experience for users. It understands the role of multiple email accounts in a professional’s life and facilitates managing multiple accounts with ease. It packs features which help simplify tedious tasks. The “Message Bundle” feature is unique in its way as it allows users to make email bundles on different customisable parameters. You can make email bundles of social or promotional emails, emails from a particular sender or any other parameter you want to set. This email app is full of features like easy subscription, battery saver push notification, overview screen for better control, search tool and many more which are unique and helpful in day to day working. 

Some of the top features of Sugar Mail App

There are several features which make Sugar Mail App one of the best email apps for Android out there. Some of them are:

  • Instant push notifications: Sugar mail features instant push mail, which is customisable for both inbox and folder usage. Never miss any important mail with its instant push notifications.
  • Manage multiple email accounts: It comes with an optional account list which allows users to see all of their accounts and their folders on a single screen. You can manage multiple email accounts via the account list. You can also opt for the combined inbox feature which presents inbox of all accounts on a single screen and manages them chronologically. You can also save messages in dedicated folders or block unwanted email as well.

Manage multiple email accounts

  • Message bundle: Create easy to manage message bundles based on different parameters. For example, sort shopping messages or social network messages and manage them separately. 
  • Smart sort your emails and read them when you are ready: You can sort your inbox according to your preference in Sugar Mail. You can also use its customisable snooze feature to read emails when you have time in your hand.
  • Schedule your email: Sugar mail app allows schedule email sending to meet your calendar needs. You can create email when you have time and schedule the app to send them exactly on the time you have selected. 
  • No ads: Sugar Mail values your workflow hence features no ads or any other distraction while you are going through your mail.
  • Custom sender icons: You can put custom sender icons from your frequent senders, making identifying these mails easy and your inbox pretty.

Custom sender icons

  • PIN code protection: You can lock Sugar Mail via a PIN code for extra safety of your inbox. You can also use fingerprints to lock or unlock the app.
  • Free-trial: Sugar Mail comes with a 14 days trial period for users to see for themselves what this amazing email manager has to offer.

Pricing of Sugar Mail

Sugar Mail comes with a 14 day trial period. Once the trial period is over you can  op for one of the two subscriptions options:

  • Monthly – $1.99
  • Annual – $12.99 

Sugar Mail App

Hits and strikes


  • Combined inbox
  • Smart sort and Account List
  • No ads.
  • Scheduled email
  • Push email
  • Message bundle
  • Password protected
  • 14-day free trial


  • No exchange (As of now)
  • Not for iOS yet

Sugar mail app rating – 4.4 Stars

Design: 4.5
Usability: 4.6
Features: 4.5
Reliability: 4.0


Sugar Mail is a comprehensive and well-rounded email manager which is aimed to sync the workflow of major email providers and provide an uninterrupted universal experience. It is full of amazing features like schedule email sending, block unwanted email, push notifications, combined inbox, etc which makes it perfect for everyday use. The overall experience of using this app is amazing with easy to use UI and intuitive UX. With its 14-days trial period, we will recommend it to everyone who takes their email seriously. 

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