StrongVPN review | Android Central

StrongVPN review | Android Central

StrongVPN review | Android Central


  • Unblocks Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video
  • 12 simultaneous connections at once
  • High speeds


  • Does’t unblock BBC iPlayer
  • Features are minimal

StrongVPN is, as the name suggests, a powerful VPN – although it’s not one of the most premium options out there. But if you want a VPN to unblock streaming services and need lots of device connections at once, this could be one of the best VPN services for you.

There’s a simplicity about StrongVPN which is refreshing. For some that minimalism will be appealing, in its easy to use package, but for others it could mean a lack of features that might otherwise be expected at this price point.

With clients for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android this is easily used and can even be setup directly on a router to allow for use on all devices connected. With servers numbering near the 1,000 mark across 59 cities in 35 countries, this is a well spread VPN service. Ideal for unblocking the likes of Netflix from many locations as needed.

So is this the best VPN for you? Read on in this StrongVPN review to find out.

Pricing and plans

StrongVPN keeps pricing simple. There are just two options, pay month to month or pay for a full year upfront.

For the freedom of monthly payments you’ll be charged $10 per month which does include a 30-day money-back guarantee and 250GB of SugarSync Secure Storage.

But if you can afford to pay for the annual plan up front it’ll cost you $34.99 which works out at a far cheaper $2.91 per month. This also includes that 30-day money-back guarantee and 250GB of SugarSync Secure Storage.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for deals though, as StrongVPN tends to offer great reductions. For example at Christmas it has had half price sales.

Testing and performance

Setup was very, very easy. This is not only thanks to the simplicity of setup but also thanks to the comprehensive guides on the VPN provider’s website. This means from installing on a desktop to side loading onto an Android device, it’s all done quickly and easily.

Once up and running performance testing proved positive. For the US testing, the results have got us some very decent top end speeds of 215 Mbps, but there have been mixed findings. In some cases we got as low as 130 Mbps, likely due to overloaded servers.

Over to UK servers and the WireGuard protocol result improved with a top speed of 330 Mbps. Again, this varied though, with a low of 190 Mbps.

It’s worth noting that speeds can vary wildly, so make sure to hop about servers before sticking to one, as you may find you get a better speed by doing that.


This is one of the best streaming VPN options out there as it is able to unblock geo restrictions for the likes of Netflix, Hulu, ABC, HBO, Disney+ and Sky Go. The only one missing from the list that would have been welcome was the BBC iPlayer.

The ability to setup this VPN on your router is a big appeal. Yes, this does offer up to 12 devices connected at once, but if you want more than this, the router setup is a great option. Then any device on that network will be behind the safety of the VPN.

Phione support is a nice feature. This is limited to 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, CT – but even that is better than many services offer, especially at this price. To be clear, there is a 24/7 customer support service, it’s just not on the phones, out of hours, but rather via email.

SugarSync is another positive feature as this 250GB cloud storage would otherwise cost you $9.99 per month to access. A very decent bonus here then, especially if you go for that lower priced annual plan option.

Privacy and security

There is a whole bunch of security on offer with the aptly named StrongVPN. You can connect using L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, IKEv2 and now WireGuard too. While all of those are options, they’re not available on all platforms. The Android app, for example, won’t offer L2TP or SSTP options.

That said, you do get split tunnelling on the mobile apps. This allows you to pick which apps use what connection, allowing you to keep your banking app on a local server, for example, while Netflix uses one in another country.

The privacy policy of StrongVPN is a very long document. As such not everything is clear. What it does say up front is that it has a zero-logging policy, meaning none of your data is tracked or stored. All it will keep is your email and payment details and nothing is sold to third-parties.

Less clear is if the company logs connections to its services and if it prioritizes or penalizes some protocols above others. That said, everything else is what you’d hope for and should mean peace of mind.

This is a US based service though, meaning it doesn’t have as much privacy protection as a VPN based in another country.

Should you sign up?

If you can afford to pay for the year up front, you can get a very good price on a VPN that offers superb streaming unblocking, easy setup and use on lots of devices, decent top end speeds and a good no logging policy.

This might lack some of the speed consistency of the top end providers and more apps for things like smart TVs, so if they’re deal-breakers you may want to look elsewhere on our list of the best VPN services.

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