Security for Android – Cell Phones

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Security for Android – Cell Phones

I am not aware of anything as extensive as FRST for Android or mobile devices in general. Generally a factory reset of your phone is enough to get rid of malware (there are some exceptions to this but is rare). Just be sure to not redownload the malicious app when re-syncing/setting up your phone after the reset.


I personally don’t use an antivirus on my phone. I rely on Google Play Protect (built-in to Android) to filter the apps that I have installed. Stick with reputable developers and always pay attention to the developer name when installing an app to differentiate between the actual app and clones of it.


Another thing to do is make sure to turn off installation of apps from outside Google Play.


If you’re sideloading apps, then I would highly recommend an antivirus app. These third-party sites sometimes let malicious APKs slip by.

Don’t bother with paying for an antivirus though. Just stick to one of the free ones.


To get an idea of the AV situation on Android:

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