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Rogue Party Now Available on Android and iOS


Rogue Party Now Available on Android and iOS

Rogue Party is now live on both Android and iOS. The game is pretty much a dungeon crawler but with new features like a crafting system. The game was created by Nations Software, the same developer of Endless Depths and Endless Adventure.

The game expands the role-playing system introduced in Endless Adventure. For example, it opens up the class system with more than 250 unique abilities from five basic classes, consisting of adventurer, bard, cleric, mage, and warrior. The bard, for instance, has a unique ability to mix harmonies and melodies to create effects, which can benefit the party or harm enemies.

That’s not all since the abilities in each class allow specializations. These include, among others, acrobat, assassin, barbarian, paladin, pyromancer, and ranger.

There’s also the introduction of a god pantheon. It comes with eight different gods that can benefit devotees, who can use the power of prayer. The non-devotees can also get rewards by becoming a faithful or even blessed follower. Worship the Earthmother and be blessed with her regenerative powers. How about following the Unkempt One to experience a twisted version of nature?

The game offers a tactical combat system where it takes into account how many enemies and allies are nearby to hand out combat bonuses. There are also terrain effects that influence abilities.

In Rogue Party, players can earn adventure points when they finish dungeon quests. These are useful in combining crafted weapons and magical runes to make better weapons, armor, shields, holy symbols, and staffs. Adventure points are global. This lets players earn points by being part of an adventuring party and then spend them with another party.

As mentioned earlier, the game introduces a crafting system. What this does is allow players to customize a character by getting the best weapons and armor. Like players can decide to have a sword-wielding barbarian or even a shield-focused tank. Not satisfied with that? How about a sword-and-dagger assassin, or better yet, have a longbow-shooting trap-setting ranger?

Overall, this looks to be a rather interesting game. What do you think? Are you willing to give this game a chance?