Payday Crime War Beta Registration Opens For Android

Payday Crime War Beta Registration Opens For Android

Payday Crime War Beta Registration Opens For Android

PayDay Crime War publisher PopReach Corporation as opened registrations for the mobile game’s upcoming closed beta for Android.

Payday Crime War publisher PopReach Corporation has opened Android beta registrations for the upcoming mobile title. The free-to-play, mobile first-person shooter based on the popular Payday franchise has had a pretty rocky development since it was initially announced way back in 2015. Just like Payday 3’s recent development troubles, Payday Crime War also faced issues with its publisher, and the game’s development was halted in 2019 even after spending a year in closed beta. It then announced that it was back in development earlier this year after a new partnership with current publisher PopReach was minted.


The closed beta of Payday Crime War was initially announced during the franchise’s 10th-anniversary livestream from several weeks ago. The livestream also revealed more information on Payday 3’s setting and premise, which will take place in New York City years after the events of Payday 2. A docuseries celebrating the history of the franchise was also announced, which will give fans something to check out while waiting for Payday 3’s release sometime in 2023.

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PopReach Corporation has announced that it has opened registrations for Payday Crime War’s upcoming beta period to players worldwide. The beta, which starts in early December, will initially only be available for Android on Google Play Store. However, iOS users can already sign up for information about the platform’s respective beta whenever it launches. PopReach does note that not everyone who registers for the beta will be selected to participate. There also won’t be any progression nor monetization systems active during the beta, and all account data will be wiped at its conclusion in preparation for the game’s expected global launch next year.

Payday Crime War

PayDay Crime War has evolved quite a bit since its development was restarted. Apart from the 4v4 player-versus-player game mode that was initially the core of its gameplay, the new title will now also feature co-op heists as well. The cooperative game mode’s missions will be inspired by the ones found in Payday 2, which is still releasing content up to this day such as the Payday 2 Joe Biden Mask from early this year. The inclusion of Payday 2 inspired co-op heists is part of PopReach’s publishing deal with Payday IP holder Starbreeze, allowing the former to utilize Payday 2’s assets in the upcoming mobile game.

It’s good to see that PayDay Crime War is finally back in development and progressing well towards its launch. While it may already be almost seven years since it was initially announced, the addition of Payday 2-inspired content may help garner more interest in it moving forward. With the beta period now set, hopefully, the game no longer faces any issues and can finally release next year.

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PayDay Crime War is scheduled for release on Android and iOS in 2022.

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