OnePlus continues to become mainstream, keeping core users away, but this time it’s overkill

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OnePlus continues to become mainstream, keeping core users away, but this time it’s overkill

Source: Jerry Hildenbrand / Android Central

OnePlus Intentionally slow down performance Introducing many very popular Android apps to improve battery life. According to the company, it’s trying to balance everything so that the application can get the power it needs, but nothing more. So, for example, not raising the CPU completely has a significant benefit to battery life.

See how wise it sounds when you say it that way?Unfortunately OnePlus didn’t have the foresight to say anything To the customer before deciding to ruin any one Best android phone It is available.

I’m not going to lie — I Really Like the OnePlus recent phones.That’s not because I want to rush to a pop-up event or buy everything OnePlus offers (although the company doesn’t) USB-C earphones It was really good). But I think they have a great combination of useful software without much interference, so it runs on high quality hardware.Besides, the paint on top Interstellar Glow OnePlus 8 It’s a chilling beauty.

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How I was fooling the throttle across the OnePlus 9 app because it didn’t get in the way Absent Do you want to reach out to customers who are tech-savvy and likely to notice the problem? Again, it’s a very stupid answer.

I’m not against what OnePlus did, but how it was done.

Let’s be clear — digging into the code that tries to create Android and its kernel to improve performance and battery life is like this: Many phone makers.. And OnePlus was on that big list before the recent controversy. The same applies to benchmarking operations — most companies are willing to do it or I’ve done it in the past — And it’s very common in the products people want to benchmark, and no one really cares. Either way, I don’t care about the OnePlus 9 benchmark.

If you’ve reached it and don’t understand it, I don’t think it’s terrible what OnePlus actually did. But it was unwise to do it in secret. Every phone has something like a battery saver mode. OnePlus should have built a super-sized battery saver mode and let us all know how it works.

I’ve been breaking Android smartphones for over 10 years and I know there’s no way to hide something like this.

I’m an Android enthusiast and have been writing about Android for over 10 years.Yeah, my first Android phone G1, I was messing around with it and soon became unusable. Well, that doesn’t necessarily make me a special expert, but it gives me insight into how Android enthusiasts react when fooled. this time, Andrei of Anandtech understood everything And doing so did a great job. Also, a random person in the forum has understood it.But all Someone understood it in time when the phone maker tried to pull the fast one.

OnePlus knew that once people started complaining about all the performance glitches, someone would track what it was doing. OnePlus also knows that if this was done open, the best people who didn’t work at OnePlus jumped in and helped improve it. Hell, do it exactly, and you might get Google’s attention as Samsung, LG, HTC, and perhaps OnePlus did in the past. The code that makes Android work is packed with great ideas from people who aren’t working at Google.

We all want better battery life, but this is not the way to go.

But OnePlus did some ridiculous things and thought it could slip through an enthusiastic fan base. It can be fixed, but Root and custom software And other hoops that most of us don’t want to jump over. Especially if the OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro is our only phone. And OnePlus is unlikely to release a patch that just brings everything back to normal, at least soon. It’s important here, and it’s very important.

this is Real A problem has occurred and needs to be fixed immediately.

I thought this was yet another issue that had been disproportionately blown away, as Android enthusiasts like me tend to do just that. It’s okay to admit it, and I’m free to do so.But then I got a few OnePlus 9 There is a problem with that. Chrome seems to be the biggest criminal, Android WebView You can get all kinds of flakes on your phone with the best hardware that Android phone makers have to offer. In most cases everything is fine and there may be a visible improvement in battery life.But we all want the phone to work as expected all It’s time, not most of the time.

OnePlus fixes this, but eventually forgets it due to the next Android smartphone controversy. But still, there was no reason to do things in a silly way.

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