Must-Have Apps for Last-Minute Getaways

Must-Have Apps for Last-Minute Getaways

Must-Have Apps for Last-Minute Getaways



Hopper is the go-to app for finding last-minute flight deals. The app’s intuitive booking calendar makes it easy to scan travel dates for the best prices. You can also sign up for alerts to let you know whether those prices are about to spike or fall. Hopper’s best feature lets you lock in ticket rates for just $42. If you pay the full amount within seven days, Hopper will either cover any additional ticket increases or refund part of your deposit if the value goes down. Available for Apple and Android.


It’s a classic travel nightmare — finding yourself stranded without a place to stay. Hotel Tonight makes it easy to find last-minute lodging at an affordable price. Oftentimes you can book a room at an upscale hotel at a steep discount, and you can sign up for alerts about price drops or new vacancies. Available for Apple and Android.


Avoid getting gouged at the pump, thanks to GasBuddy. The app lets you search by price or gas type, then gives you directions to whichever station has the best deals. Users also can sign up for a free debit card that lets them save up to 25 cents a gallon at participating stores. Available for Apple and Android.


Roadtrippers is the perfect way to find amazing local restaurants or quirky roadside attractions. Once you enter your destination, the app will suggest the best places to eat or visit along the way. Search Roadtripper’s impressive database for museums, parks, theaters, nightlife, and more. Or check out the app’s many excellent travel articles for inspiration on where to go next. Available for Apple and Android.


Nature lovers can find their next favorite hiking spot with AllTrails. The app offers more than 100,000 trail recommendations, complete with maps and descriptions. You also can search trails by difficulty, length, or activity. The app makes it simple to plan a leisurely hike with the kids or a hardcore mountain bike adventure. Available for Apple and Android.


Trail Wallet helps you avoid busting your travel budget. Enter how much you want to spend per day, or let the app help create a daily budget for you. As you record expenses by category (food, lodging, gas, etc.), the app will alert you if you’re overspending in any one area. Colorful pie charts make it easy to track your spending at a glance. Available for Apple.

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