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Microsoft adds personalized homepages to Bing on Android


Microsoft adds personalized homepages to Bing on Android

Like Google, Bing has long graduated from being a simple search engine. Yes, you can use it exclusively for searching the web, but it’s also a place to read the news, learn about history and more. And on Android, Microsoft has updated the Bing Search app to better reflect that complexity (via ).

The most notable new feature is the addition of a personalized homepage. Here you’ll find shortcuts to topics you might search frequently such as the current weather forecast or what’s nearby. There are also dedicated icons for Microsoft tools like OneDrive. Beneath those you’ll find a list of news stories personalized around topics you like to follow. Of course, Bing is still first and foremost a search engine, and the search bar is at the front and center of the refreshed interface. Besides the usual text and voice search features, there’s Google Lens-like functionality that allows you to upload an image to try and find something. It’s also possible to use the app to scan QR codes. 

If you weren’t already a Bing convert, a personalized homepage likely won’t convince you to switch. But for longtime users, they’ll appreciate the fact they can find all their favorite Bing features in one place.  

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