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Laptop will not power on with Battery plugged in, but boots up with it unplugged


Laptop will not power on with Battery plugged in, but boots up with it unplugged

Note: I am new to this forum, and was unable to locate a section of the forum that would be proper for my type of question. So, if there is a better section for this post, then please let me know how to find that section. Thanks for your help, and replies. 


I recently purchased this used Dell Inspiron 15 5584 laptop, and it has a few really bad issues. 


Note that I knew about the 1st issue before buying the laptop, but was not aware of the 2nd issue until I tested it further, after buying it. 


First issue is that the laptop will not boot with the internal battery plugged in. When the battery is plugged in, the laptop turns on, then the fan turns on pretty loud, and the backlit keyboard lights up, but the screen remains completely blank (dark), and then the laptop turns back off, maybe 2-3 seconds after it turned on. 


All that I was told about the laptop is that it works just fine with the internal Battery cable unplugged, which is not quite true. Yes, it boots just fine into Windows with the battery unplugged, but even after upgrading the memory to 16GB, and installing a Samsung Evo 970 M.2 SSD (which is only a few months old), and a fresh install of Windows 10, the laptop runs very slow, and I mean really noticeable slow. 


The previous owner told me that he attempted to repair the 1st issue (that I noted above) by ordering a new battery for the laptop, and he told me that it did not fix the issue with the laptop not booting up, with the new battery plugged in. 


So, I thought that maybe the 45 Watt AC Adapter might not be powerful enough for the laptop, so I ordered a 65 Watt original AC Adapter, hoping that it might be an issue with the Adapter. I also ordered a new DC plug in, just in came it might be an issue with the DC power cable. 


I just ordered those two parts, but until then, can anyone offer any thoughts about what the issue of the laptop might be, and if you think it is repairable, without having to replace the entire Motherboard? 


Thank you very much for any thoughts about this, and hopefully someone on here has had a similar issue with this model, or similar model, and figured out a way to get the laptop fully working again. 


Thanks for your replies.