Laptop horribly slow for short period

Laptop horribly slow for short period

Laptop horribly slow for short period

Since some weeks my laptop (HP Probook 440 G5) became horribly slow on start-up. For around 10 minutes after start-up it’s impossible to do anything, even opening the startmenu is a task it cannot complete.


Then magically after that period all problems are solved and the laptop works like a charm again.


The problem is that the laptop is so slow that i cannot open Task Manager to see which program is using up all of the CPU or RAM


System specs:

  • Edition Windows 10 Pro 
  • Version 21H1
  • OS Build 19043.1110
  • Installed RAM 8GB
  • More than 100 GB space left on SSD harddrive

What I did so far:

  • Run a complete systemscan with Kaspersky free antivirus, nothing found
  • Did a disk cleanup and removed all temporary files
  • Did a disk defrag, status of hard drive was ok so this seemed to have no result
  • Disabled bunch of programs to run at start-up, no difference on start-up
  • Did a complete reinstall of windows 10 and installed all updates through Windows Update, no difference

Apparently something is running on the background on start-up. How can i figure out what is making the laptop so slow? What information do you need to help me?





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