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Laptop display randomly doesn’t turn on


Laptop display randomly doesn’t turn on

Quick Background on my laptop

Its an Asus ROG Strix G Laptop with Windows 10. It’s got an Intel i7 UHD 630 graphics card as well as an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650.

I’m not that computer Savvy but if you need other information just let me know. 


Getting on to the actual issue, my laptop’s display sometimes doesn’t turn on when I open the laptop. The backlit keyboard lights up and the fan is running so I know the computer is On, but the display isn’t lighting up at all. Not just a black lit screen but just off. It only really happened when I shut the laptop and some other posts suggested it was a “stuck in sleep mode” problem and that all I had to do was unplug my laptop, hold the power button for 60 seconds and then turn it on after. And that did work for a while until I noticed that sometimes even after 3 or 4 attempts at this “hard restart” the screen wouldn’t turn on. I would have to leave my laptop alone for a while, at least a couple hours before I could try getting the screen to turn on.


Eventually the laptop screen just didn’t turn on at all anymore and at this point, about a month later, I had access to a second monitor and tried plugging that into my laptop. The second monitor immediately lit up and displayed my windows login screen as my internal monitor would if it worked. I could use my laptop just fine as long as I had a second monitor. I believed this to be some hardware issue with the LCD or cable and sent it into the warranty company to be fixed claiming this issue and they sent it back saying they fixed some sort of sound issue. I opened the laptop and the display seemed to work fine, but closing it and opening it again revealed that the problem still remained. I contacted the warranty company again, told them the issue wasn’t resolved, that is was my display, sent it in, got it back, and this time they said they solved an issue where the OS couldn’t boot to windows or desktop (something like that) but again, the main issue of the laptop screen randomly going black whenever I closed it remained. 


They seemed to think that it was some kind of software problem, but the thing is my laptop OS can boot to windows. It works just fine with another monitor as I’ve said, so I didn’t think that was the issue. I eventually decided to try and keep track of when my laptop screen went dark, for how many days it would stay dark or work, and document what software solutions I could try in the meantime to see if it was a software issue.


So Overall I’ve noticed my laptop has 4 different “modes.” The first is that I open the laptop and the internal monitor works fine, and would sometimes work fine for a couple of hours or days. The Second is the Laptop internal display doesn’t turn on, but when I plug a second monitor in and look at the display settings, it shows the internal display and says “display 1 isn’t active” and I can turn it on by clicking the extend screens option in the settings. The third is similar to the second except I can’t turn the internal monitor on with extend screen option, it just won’t. The fourth is that my laptop doesn’t even detect an internal monitor. I check the display settings, the device manager but it only shows the second monitor I have plugged in. I’ve been unable to notice any sort of “trigger” for any specific mode, they seem to appear randomly, last randomly long and in general have no pattern I can recognize.  


Software fixes I have tried are: checking manufactures websites for latest drivers and downloading them, going back to previous drivers before the screen issue started happening, Checking Asus website for most recent BIOS update and downloading them. Having my laptop hard reset and wiped multiple times (although this was the warranty company not me) to check if it’s some sort of bad download or such that was messing up my display

Some of these fixes will cause a shift in my laptop and will change what “mode” the laptop is in, sometimes turning on my laptops internal display, other times making my laptop be unable to detect its internal display. I’ve checked with multiple drivers and no it doesn’t seem to be any specific one causing specific changes and no none of them permanently solve the issue.  


I haven’t really done any hardware fix attempts because I don’t know enough about laptop hardware to confidently look at much less attempt something yet. It might actually be some other software issue I haven’t tried yet but at the end of the day it’s my display that is causing me a lot of trouble, and has been for a couple months now. 

Sorry for the long read.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.