Laptop battery only says “Plugged in” and is steadily draining

Laptop battery only says "Plugged in" and is steadily draining

Laptop battery only says “Plugged in” and is steadily draining

Hi. I have a HP Pavilion Power Laptop 15-cb007nt that I bought three years ago. Two weeks ago suddenly the battery indicator started showing only “Plugged in” and was stuck at 95%. I assumed it would fix itself but it started dropping further, and over the course of two weeks it has now dropped down to 70%. Please note that it doesn’t say “Plugged in, not charging” – it only says “Plugged in”.


I ran a Battery Check through HP’s support software and it gave this result:

Then I ran a EUFI Battery Check through the BIOS and the result said: “Logic State: OK (0) – Charge Capacity: 70% – Cycle Count: 61 – Battery Status: Replace (42) – Charge State: Blown Fuse (42).”


Now I’m well-aware that the battery might just be dying since it’s three years old – but I’m not 100% convinced because before the issue started, the battery hadn’t been showing any signs of declining health. It wasn’t overheating, it wasn’t losing charge quickly, it wasn’t taking long to fully charge up. It was perfectly healthy. The issue suddenly started happening overnight. One morning I turned on the laptop and the battery was showing a 95% charge. And I remember installing a major Windows update a few days before the issue started happening. So I’m wondering if the update messed something up or if it’s another software messing things up. If the battery is truly dead, I’d be happy to order a replacement but I want to be 100% sure it’s not software or Windows update related before I do that.


– I’ve tried uninstalling the battery drivers through Device Manager and restarting the computer. It didn’t help.

– I ran the Power Troubleshooter through Windows settings. It didn’t help.

– The AC adapter is working fine. Both HP support tools said it was healthy.

– The EUFI Battery Check didn’t give me the option to re-calibrate the battery automatically, so I couldn’t try that.

– The Windows update is one of those “un-uninstallable” updates you can’t right click on in the “Uninstall updates” page.

– I can’t revert to a previous version of Windows because it’s been more than 10 days since the update.

– The BIOS and the HP EUFI tool are updated to their latest versions.

– I’m running Windows 10 Pro – Version 20H2 – Build 19042.985


So I have two questions:


1. With the information I’ve provided, do you think there’s even a slight chance the issue could be software or Windows update related or do I definitely have a dying battery?

2. Is there anything else I can try to troubleshoot/fix the battery to make sure it’s a hardware issue and not a software one?


Thank you.

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