In 2021, Here Are The Top Ten New Android Apps

In 2021, Here Are The Top Ten New Android Apps

In 2021, Here Are The Top Ten New Android Apps

As the year 2021 draws to a close, it’s time to look back at the top Android apps that were released this year on the Play Store. If you have any food allergies or simply want to avoid certain foods, Soosee could be the app for you. You can modify what kind of ingredients you want to keep an eye out for after installing the app by simply adding a list of things to the app. The software can scan in 18 different languages and has 30 different categories that may be further customised. Simply aim your phone’s camera at any product’s ingredient list, and Soosee will automatically highlight and list all of the ingredients to which you are allergic.

Sportsbet is by far the most popular betting site in Australia and it has a reliable, easy to download, and intuitive Android app. As betting apps are now available in the Play Store in 14 additional countries, including the US and Australia, there’s now no need to look for betting app APK files online as they’re almost all in the Play Store ready to be downloaded. Sportsbet stands out in Australia as it has all of the most popular features you’d expect from a sports betting app including 30+ different sports and racing events, the fastest live phone betting markets, a same game multi bet builder, and free live streaming for domestic horse racing. If you’re new to betting, then you can also benefit from the Sportsbet app because there are plenty of insights, betting tips, and previews available. You can also take advantage of the Bet with Mates function and the fast mobile payment options through Paypal or Apple Pay, for instance.

There are hundreds of camera apps all over the Play Store but it’s still hard to find the one that suits users the most. Pixtica is certainly one of the new contenders to replace your default camera app and to get the highest quality out of your images. The app is packed with a lot of features which include filters, GIF recorders, panorama modes, a timelapse and hyperlapse mode, portrait mode, HDR modes, and many other features such as the document and QR scanner. If you’re a little bit more interested in photography, then you can also take advantage of the manual controls that allow you to set your own camera settings in the app. Pixtica is also free of charge but there are some extra features that you can only access with a subscription fee of $1.25.

Breathwrk is the number one app in breathing. It may sound funny at first but breathing plays a key role in our day-to-day lives. It helps you to release stress and anxiety and increases your energy. Breathwrk has already surpassed 100 000 downloads and considering all of its features, it’ll certainly reach higher grounds. The app is fully customizable and widely used by professionals, college students, marathon trainers, and more. There’s a set of breathing exercises that users can choose from. These include, for instance, exercises to improve sleep, increase energy, release anxiety or become calmer. The app is completely free but just as many of today’s apps, Breathwrk also offers a premium subscription for even more functions. There’s no need to worry, though. All the most important functions are all still available on the free plan.

Safe Clean keeps your phone’s storage and CPU performance optimized which is super handy since it’s really easy to lose track of storage capacity due to all the media stored on our phones. The best thing about this app is that it’s a multipurpose software. It doesn’t only focus on your storage but optimizes your device’s speed, manages its battery life, and helps you keep the CPU of your phone cool so you get the best performance out of any Android device. The app is completely free and you don’t need any extra subscription to use all of its features.

Keepup is not your average sports app. It’s created by fans, for fans and its core is the passion, experience, and knowledge of the A-League, Australia’s professional football association. From insightful features written by some of the best Australian football journalists, through to a world of results, opinion, and commentary. It may not compete with the top sports apps on Google Play but it certainly brings the best football-only experience to your smartphone.

This home and design app isn’t the newest but it’s certainly one of the most popular apps in 2021. It has several different sections for decorating and furnishing your home and these sections exceed over 19 million photos. You can filter based on style, room as well as many other things. The app also lets you buy products, furniture, and materials within the app. There’s also a tool that lets you use augmented reality to show how a shelf, a couch or any product might look in your home. Houzz may not be an app that you need to have on your phone but it’s definitely a useful tool to help you visualize and see what your home might look like based on your design ideas.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and stable app to cast your screen to a larger display, then this app is a perfect choice. It’s compatible with Chromecast, Xbox, most smart TVs, and FireTV. Its features include screen mirroring, streaming of your photos, videos, music, and games from your phone to your TV. You can also access YouTube and your IPTV services as well. This app is also free of charge with over 10 000 downloads already and easily accessible from the Play Store unlike some of the other popular streaming apps which have been banned from the Play Store by Google.

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