If you have Windows 10 you should buy Android, not iPhone – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

If you have Windows 10 you should buy Android, not iPhone – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

If you have Windows 10 you should buy Android, not iPhone – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

We could say that Windows is like an operating system capable of integrating with almost any kind of device, regardless of its brand. However, it is one thing to be able to integrate and another to do so optimally. If you have Windows 10 you should buy Android instead of iPhone.

Why should you have an Android device instead of an iPhone? There are several reasons why it is more convenient to have an Android device and not an iPhone. Especially if you want to integrate it with your computer. We are going to review the most important ones below.

Why Windows 10 Users Should Buy Android Over iPhone

If you have Windows 10, you should buy Android and not an iPhone. The reason? Actually, there are several and we will see them one by one below.

Why you should buy Android phones if you have Windows instead of iPhone

The Your Phone application turns your Android and Windows into one

Imagine for a second being able to see all the notifications, write messages or mirror the screen of your phone on your Windows 10 computer. Sounds nice? Indeed, thanks to Microsoft’s Your Phone application, which is configured too quickly, you can do it without problems.

It allows us to integrate our Android phone with the PC. The app is not available on iOS and this is the first reason why you should have an Android device instead of an iPhone.

You can send text messages or make calls from your computer. We can see all the conversations we have on the phone through an interface quite similar to Facebook Messenger. We can even see SMS notifications and incoming calls.

Another great advantage of this application is that it allows us to transfer files between the phone and the PC. In this way, we do not even need cables to be able to transfer photos or videos to our computer. We can even delete any photos or images that we don’t want to have.

At the moment, the screen mirroring option is only available for Samsung devices, although different brands will be added in the future. In this way we can see everything that happens on our phone from the PC.

Your Phone Companion is an extremely useful and simple application to configure that will allow us to be aware of everything that happens on our device without even having to touch it.

Office 365 works much better on AndroidOffice 365 works much better on Android

Office 365, works optimally on Android

Android’s integration with Office 365 is spectacular. The annual subscription to this service includes a large number of professional Microsoft applications. From OneDrive cloud storage, to Microsoft Teams messaging service.

The all-in-one Office application allows us to comfortably work with Word documents, spreadsheets and make slide shows on the phone. In turn, it connects to OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. This means that we can use files created from the computer and share them with our colleagues while we are away from home.

If you want to maintain deeper control and improve your productivity with Microsoft tools, then we recommend that you give Microsoft Launcher and Microsoft Edge a try. With Launcher you will have useful reminders and calendar events on the same home screen.

While thanks to Microsoft Edge it will be much easier to synchronize the browsing history, bookmarks and logins from the PC to the phone.

While some of these features can be found on iOS. Certainly on Android they work better, more solidly and arrive much earlier. Being a more open and friendly operating system, it is the best platform for integration with Microsoft tools.

Microsoft and its great commitment to AndroidMicrosoft and its great commitment to Android

Microsoft bets on Android

They partnered with Google to develop Edge browser, thereby supplanting Internet Explorer. In turn, they began streaming Xbox games to Android phones, launching their first Android device, the Surface Duo, a dual-screen phone.

Obviously, Microsoft is not going to give up on Windows, it would be illogical. However, as explained by the CEO of the company, Satya Nadella, Microsoft wants to prepare for the future that will be designed in the cloud, where applications and services will be transmitted to our device, regardless of whether we have it.

Devices in the future will be as compact as possible, lightweight and efficient. Microsoft is quite obsessed with Android and ARM architectures. Microsoft’s Azure is already up and running, offering the ability to run software and games through the cloud.

However, cloud computing is still many years away from reaching its full potential. Meanwhile Microsoft is working closely with Google and Samsung to improve the Android experience for Windows users.

And despite some of these features reaching iOS devices, deep and full integration will always be hand in hand with Android and Windows.

In summary, we can conclude that people who use iPhone with their Windows computer are missing a lot of advantages such as the possibility of using Microsoft’s Your Phone.

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