How to play Free Fire demo without downloading on Android devices

The Free Fire demo without having to download on Android devices

How to play Free Fire demo without downloading on Android devices

Free Fire is one of the top-rated battle royale games on the internet. The title offers users intense battle royale action with high-quality graphics. A total of 50 players land on an island, and the ultimate survivor gets the Booyah tag for themselves.

Players can play solo, duo, and squad modes in the game. There are many other interesting game types like Clash Squad, where two teams of four players participate. Those still unsure about jumping in can play the Free Fire demo without downloading it on their Android devices.

Free Fire demo on Android devices

Users who want to check the game’s trial version can do so from the Google Play Store. The demo version is a toned-down variant of Free Fire developed to see how the gameplay works without downloading the entire game.

Its size is approximately under 10 MB to 15 MB, while the entire game’s size is between 700 MB to 800 MB. It is a good chance for players who want to try new battle royale games for a better experience.

A look at the Free Fire demo
A look at the Free Fire demo

Here is a step-by-step guide to playing the Free Fire demo version on Android devices without downloading the whole game:

1) Users can head to the Google Play Store.

2) In the search box, they can type Free Fire and tap on the search icon.

3) From the results, players will see two options: “Try Now” and “Install.”

4) Those who want to test the demo can tap on the first option, and gamers who want to download the full game can click on the Install option.

5) Upon selecting the Try Now option for the demo version, players will go through the Google Play Instant gateway, where the demo version will get downloaded.

After that, the demo version will be opened, and they will land on a small island. Gamers can test out all major in-game mechanisms like shooting, movements, and graphics here.

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Devices received beta/stable OS so far

Devices received beta/stable OS so far