How to get Android 12 widgets on your phone today using KWGT

How to get Android 12 widgets on your phone today using KWGT

How to get Android 12 widgets on your phone today using KWGT

Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

Android 12 If you have, it’s currently in beta One of the supported phonesBut even in beta, there aren’t many new ones Material you Themes found so far. You can set the accent color, but the only updated widget I’ve seen so far is conversation. This isn’t really working yet.

But that’s okay. Hundreds of Android users watched the MaterialYou demo during Google I / O and it started working immediately.In a theme community like r / androidthemes And r / kustom, KWGT A preset pack shared last month.I have tried some of these packs, and these are the three that will make you the best theme Experience.They are third party, so they can be used by all users Android launcher And almost all modern Android phones.

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To use the KWGT pack, pay the KWGT Pro fee or Google Play pass Before you can add these widgets to your home screen, you need to install the main KWGT app.

TheVeloper has previously created two KWGT packs. A pack inspired by iOS14 It features impressive elaborate music widgets with lyrics — and I love the special talent and attention to detail that these widgets have.

You can pinch the month with the calendar widget. If you don’t like the first color you choose from the wallpaper, you can choose between two color styles so you can choose other colors. Color plays a big role in all widgets, especially the MaterialYou widget. The Velopers told me, “[Pulling colors from the wallpaper is] I think one of the coolest features of Android 12 is making the UI really personal. And of course, people like us want to play with it. “

The next two widget packs I cover can hit or miss in color selection, but NeXt’s widgets don’t have to worry about unreadable text or elements being swallowed by the system Is designed to be. “Yes,” he said. “It was a problem when I made them, so I gave the user two wallpapers [color] The scheme you choose sometimes causes it to take the wrong color. “

NeXt always has a great contrast between different elements, with about 20 widgets inspired by today’s Android 12, and like an extended interactive conversation widget, NeXt is affordable. I have won. When consistency is important, The Veloper pays attention to the details and makes Android 12 widgets readily available today.

Pastel 12 is a bit unpolished, but quite ambitious. The widget here makes Material You dynamic and raises it up to 120%. Music widgets are more daring, render widgets are highly adaptable, and battery widgets are easy to customize. These widgets are easy to add as they rarely need to be tweaked as long as the appropriate wallpapers are installed.

These widgets will automatically adapt based on whether the wallpaper and light / dark themes are used. This is both a blessing and a curse. When you set new wallpapers, you’ll quickly see if they work, but if they don’t, you’ll need to set new wallpapers or manually change all colors as follows: Match while maintaining contrast.

Among the battery widgets, I especially like the fact that the battery appears when the Bluetooth headphones are connected, so you don’t have to immerse yourself in the settings menu. If not connected, the internal storage will be displayed instead. With pastel, you can get 21 widgets for $ 1. It seems worth getting the awesomeness of Material You on your phone a few months before the platform update arrives on your phone.

So far we’ve focused on widgets, but Kustom actually has two main theme apps. Kustom widget (KWGT) and Kustom live wallpaper (KLWP). When you create a widget, it’s difficult to incorporate it into your live wallpaper and vice versa. You need to worry about scaling issues. Kustom theme personnel can fix this by creating Komponents instead. This is basically a mini widget and can be added to either the KWGT widget or the KLWP wallpaper.

While most Material You preset packs to date have been widgets, Material Komponents provides a complete Komponents that scales consistently, is less confusing, and is surprisingly easy to use once you know it. How Use them.

  1. to add KWGT On the home screen.
  2. Tap New widget Set it.
  3. Tap create..
  4. Tap + Located in the upper right corner.

    Addition of Kwgt KomponentAddition of Kwgt KomponentSource: Android Central

  5. Tap Komponent..
  6. Tap komponent I want to add it from the list.
  7. Tap save, Floppy disk icon on top bar.

    Addition of Kwgt Komponent

    Addition of Kwgt KomponentAddition of Kwgt KomponentSource: Android Central

to see? Quick and painless! The music widget here is also great. Instead of pulling the color out of the wallpaper, it pulls it out of the current album art, so it changes every time the music changes. If it takes time, there are also various toggles and elements that you can use to create the Material You theme for Build Fredge.

The only problem with Material Komponents is that the weather icon is not included in the pack.Must be downloaded separately, Then extract them to the specified folder. This is not a normal Kusum operation. If you’ve created your own theme or widget from scratch, you’ve probably handled it, but it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

I told Bucik about his incredible attention to the details of _komponents_ and MaterialYou’s challenge. “I had to look at all the Google I / O 21 documentation and promotional materials and disassemble the widgets (how to group which items, size, spacing / padding, color changes, etc.) In addition, taking into account all the limitations of Kustom, I rebuilt each widget in my head so that I could get the global list I needed. “

Bucik’s components and widgets have been created with great care and will not break when used in small or large sizes. “It’s especially annoying if you have an item whose properties depend on the properties of other items, such as the width of a text label. Music Widget: Based on card width, side margins, album cover, and subsequent space. If you use global, it’s very easy. But if you don’t, the whole layout will break. Someone changed the width of the card. “

I especially like 4×2 music komponentEasy to read, with a theme tailored to different album arts, the touch target for each button is the perfect size. This may sound trivial, but if it’s too small, it’s duplicated. Oh, did you say this is free? Because it also shakes.

If you’ve never used KWGT before, there’s a clear learning curve, but it’s worth knowing if you want to provide yourself a beautiful widget that you can never use on Google, Spotify, and other major apps. .. There are a few things to keep in mind when playing with KWGT.

  • Save quickly and often. If you make changes and don’t like it,[復元]You can tap the icon to revert to the previous version. However, only if you have saved the previous version. You can save it early and often to undo improper edits.
  • Grant permissions as needed. When adding a music widget, Kustom needs to be able to read the notifications and capture track information and album art. If you want to know the weather, you need to know your location.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! The· r / kustom And r / kwgt Very useful and open to beginners, so if you have a problem, check them out or Kustom help siteYou can learn all about, formulas, globals and many other variables and elements!
  • Please be patient while learning. Again, you can get stuck in the KWGT interface several times. Please take your time and enjoy yourself.

I confess that I sometimes feel dissatisfied with KWGT, but then I can try out such a sweet widget and all that dissatisfaction will go away.

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