How to check the battery status of your laptop

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How to check the battery status of your laptop

Battery life is often an ambiguous and ambiguous concept. In theory, it can be represented by a single number, but in reality, literally hundreds of factors can reduce or extend durability.It’s frustrating when trying to measure the battery life and status of a notebook, especially when trying to determine if it’s time Buy a new laptop..

Windows has a secret feature called Battery Reporting. This is what you use when testing the durability of your notebook at PC World. Here’s how to access the Battery Report to understand what you can find out about laptops:

How to create a battery report

Battery reporting isn’t a new feature, but it’s under the radar because there’s no way to access it from the Windows settings menu. Battery reports can only be created from the command prompt. Method is as follows.

  • Run Windows Search CMD also command prompt.. A command prompt is displayed, displaying the search results. Open it.Or Windows[スタート]Of the menu[Windowsシステム]You can also find the command prompt under.
  • When opened, you will see a command line starting with C: and ending with the name of your user account. A blinking cursor appears at the end of this command line.type powercfg / batcheryreport Press input With the keyboard.
  • If successful, the command prompt will notify you that the battery life report has been saved to your user folder.
  • Navigate to the folder listed at the command prompt. This will be the default user folder. This is C: Users is.
command prompt Matt Smith / IDG

Windows command prompt.

To access the Battery Report, use File Explorer to navigate to your user folder or perform a Windows search. Battery report.. Keep in mind that File Explorer can be faster, as it may take a few minutes for Windows Search to be able to index and search new reports.

The Battery Report is saved as an HTML document so you can open it in your web browser of your choice. Open it and you’ll find a long document full of information. Here’s how to decipher the meaning of each section:

How to estimate battery life using the Battery Report

Battery reports can be used to measure battery life in several ways, but most people scroll to the bottom of the report and Battery life estimate section.

It makes calculations to calculate battery life based on daily or weekly battery usage. Estimates are convenient because you don’t have to drain the battery completely.

Look at the Active column under At Full Charge. This will display the results formatted in hours, minutes and seconds. For example, if the column shows 4:56:22, it means that the battery was estimated to last for 4 hours, 56 minutes, and 22 seconds.

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