How to Check Screen Time on Android

How to Check Screen Time on Android

How to Check Screen Time on Android

You can use the Digital Wellbeing app to see your screen time on Android. Here’s how to get started.

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Smartphones are such a big part of our lives, but it can be easy to lose track of just how long we spend staring at them.

Fortunately, you can check your screen time in Android through the Digital Wellbeing app, which tracks both your total phone usage and how long you spend in individual apps.

Here’s how to use it.

Check Your Screen Time on Android

Digital Wellbeing is a built-in app on Android 9 and above, so you won’t need to install any extra software.

  1. Get started by going to Settings > Digital Wellbeing and parental controls.
  2. The first screen shows a donut chart summarizing your total phone usage today, and the apps you’ve been using.
  3. Tap on the center of the chart to drill down into the details.
  4. You’ll now see a bar chart showing your screen time for the current week. Tap on one of the days to see your app usage for that day.
  5. Tap the arrows alongside the date to scroll back through the last three weeks of data. This enables you to check your usage patterns and see if they’re changing over time—especially useful if you want to cut down on your screen time.

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Select one of the apps in the bottom half of the screen for more detailed info on the specific program. There, you can set a timer to limit how long you can use it in a day, as well as take control of the notifications you get from it.

In some apps—YouTube, for example—you’ll also get a link to the app’s own dashboard with further controls for managing your screen time, including take-a-break reminders.

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Note that Digital Wellbeing might look slightly different on some phones, as manufacturers often customize it with their own features. However, all versions work in the same way. Take a look at our guide to using Digital Wellbeing for more information on what you can do with it.


Use Digital Wellbeing on Android 8 or Earlier

If your phone isn’t running Android 9 or later, you can use the ActionDash app instead. This shares the look and feel of Digital Wellbeing and offers many of the same features. It’s also free to use.

Download: ActionDash (Free)

What’s My Screen Time?

Now you know how to find your screen time on Android. You might be shocked at the numbers—we pick up our phones without thinking, and those minutes quickly rack up.

The worst thing is that it makes us so unproductive. Thankfully, there are ways to cut down on your usage to help fix it.

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