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Here’s how Google will help our Android phone stay ‘clean’ – Latest News


Here’s how Google will help our Android phone stay ‘clean’ – Latest News

Most Android brands are slowly ditching the microSD card slot and forcing buyers to opt for higher memory variants. Another issue with Android smartphones is that apps are becoming larger and dumping more junk files on devices, further straining the limited internal memory.

Now, Google is coming to the rescue of users and it will include a new feature in Android 12 to keep your device clean. The feature will be called “app hibernation” and will automatically detect apps that are less used and will put them in an ‘Unused apps’ section. It will also revoke all the permissions that were earlier granted to the app and will delete temporary files like cache, logs and others.

Reports claim that any app that hasn’t been used within three months may be put in the ‘Unused apps’ section to free up storage space automatically. At the same time, Android 12 will not uninstall these apps totally. If you wish to use any of these apps again you can quickly do it by visiting enabling them again.

Another notable change to help consume less memory is the introduction of HEVC support. Google is adding compatible media transcoding to support HEVC in Android 12. With this feature, an app that doesn’t support HEVC can have the platform automatically transcode the file into AVC. Also, for better image quality with more efficient compression, Android 12 will support AV1 Image File Format (AVIF). Google claims that this will dramatically improve image quality for the same file size when compared to older image formats like JPEG.

As far as other features are concerned, With the Android 12 update, Google plans to add a revamp taskbar for only big-screen devices. This Taskbar will reportedly appear at the bottom of the screen and show most-frequently used apps as well recently-opened apps.