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Help me choose a laptop (detail in post) to use with linux!


Help me choose a laptop (detail in post) to use with linux!

I’ve been using linux since one year, and I went to the point that for my daily use I find myself much more confortable in linux than w10 or macOS.
Now, I need a new laptop that I’m going to travel with (I take a lot of trains)

Budget: €500-600 at max (I’m from Italy)

How I want my laptop to be (in order of importance):

11′-13′ display at max
(since I’m gonna travel a lot with it, I want it to be small)

FULLY compatible with Linux, please this is really important. I need a fully compatible machine to rely on while I travel
(I’ve used a lot of laptops with Linux, I know not all of them are compatible with it in a reliable way. Please only suggest laptops with touchscreen function if you’re sure it works perfectly with Linux, otherwise don’t)

A good battery life
(Since, again, travel laptop I’d like to not have a 3 hours at max life of battery)

Good specs to handle without problem most of things for daily usage, not going to game on it.
(Just because I know how to i3 or xfce, I don’t want to be forced to use them to have a fast usable experience. I want the specs of the laptop to be able to handle without problem things like the heavy gnome and heavy customized KDE. Also I don’t want to lag while having various tabs in browser or multiple applications open at once. Nothing too heavy, I’m not going to render videos on it, but you know, I want to have a nice experience without worrying to much about optimization)

Solid materials and the more slim/lightweight the better.

Hope you guys can help me and thank you in advance!.
I’m so excited to finally doing the step of fully relying on a linux machine for important things in my life.

Purchasable on Amazon would be much appreciated

Before posting here I did some research, would one of these be able to live up my expectation? (I can’t find to find any worth refurbished, in good condition and by a reliable seller atleast. In any case I have very bad experience purchasing something expensive off amazon – except for official brand site – so I’d rather avoid 2nd hand and refurb)…/dp/B08K8ZQCTC…/dp/B08SW34XGH

Which one, in case of positive answer, should I pick?

About the first one searching on Linux HW DB I found this:

Seems like there is a failed for something I don’t understand, do you guys know what could be and if it is something to important to not work?