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Google WiFi app to shut down next month; users to shift to Google Home


Google WiFi app to shut down next month; users to shift to Google Home

Google currently has two separate apps for managing Google WiFi and Nest WiFi, with Google WiFi and Google Home, respectively. However, the company is looking to reportedly change this and have only one unified app for everyone to use. According to a new report, the company is looking to shut down the older Google WiFi app and migrate all users to the Google Home app. Also Read – Google Maps Compass returns for Android users, more new features introduced

According to a report by 9to5Google, citing an email sent out to all Google WiFi and Nest WiFi network owners, Google has announced that its “Google WiFi” app will begin the process of shutting down from May 25. After the date, users will no longer be able to set up a new network or reconfigure their existing network with the app. Also Read – Google will block certain apps from accessing other applications on your phone

The mail also states that the app will then in June get delisted from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. All users will then be required to shift to using the Google Home app exclusively. Also Read – The next Pixel smartphone may use a Google-made processor: Report

Once a user migrates the app, their network settings will still be accessible and manageable through both Google WiFi and Google Home apps until May 25. After which the support for former would be dropped.

With the Google Home app, the company states that users will be able to access a better set of features for their routers, like prioritization of Zoom calls, Assistant-based voice controls and connected device notifications.

To recall, the Google WiFi app was originally built to manage the OnHub line of routers developed in-tandem with ASUS and TP-Link. Also, while not mentioned in the email, all of these OnHub routers are also included in the transition. The mail also does not clearly state that if it will provide users with a way to set up and manage the networks without an Android or iOS device.