Galaxy Buds 2 Review: Samsung shrinks wireless earphones

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Galaxy Buds 2 Review: Samsung shrinks wireless earphones

The Galaxy Buds 2 earphones are technically the third generation of Samsung’s entry-level true wireless earphones, but the name makes sense.Introduced with the new Galaxy Folding Cell Phone and Smartwatch Samsung’s August unpacking event, Buds2 is a deviation from the original Galaxy bud And upgraded Galaxy Buds Plus, Shared a similar design aesthetic.

Buds 2 gets closer to something newer Galaxy Buds Pro When Galaxy Buds LiveBoth feature an eye-catching glossy curved design and the same compact charging case as this new model. In fact, it’s the design and fit of the Buds 2, which is 15% smaller and 20% lighter than the Buds Plus, so it could be better than the Buds Pro, which sounds slightly better. You can pre-order now and it will ship on August 27th. Bud 2 ($ 150, £ 139, AU $ 219) has four color options (graphite, white, olive, lavender) and a white charging case.


  • Small and lightweight design fits comfortably and snugly in different ear sizes
  • The bud barely sticks out of my ear
  • Good sound
  • Excellent headset performance for decent active noise canceling and calling
  • Compact case with wireless charging


  • Low level IPX2 water resistance
  • Some features in Galaxy Buds Pro are missing
  • Bluetooth audio works on iPhone, but Galaxy Buds app for iOS is not supported

Like Buds Pro, Buds 2 is equipped with active noise canceling. This means that all the latest Galaxy Buds models have some form of active noise canceling, albeit slightly in open-designed Buds Live. sans Ear tips. Buds2 looks like a miniature version of BudsPro, but turns out to be similar to BudsLive in that it barely sticks out of your ears and is unobtrusive. They also pick up less wind noise because they sit more flush with your ears and have their curved design.

The bean-shaped Buds Live fits me well, but some complained that it didn’t fit my ears. The same is true for Buds Pro. When I tried them, I had to use my own oversized eartips to get a tight seal. The smaller Buds 2 should fit a wider range of ears-Samsung says it’s designed to be “comfortable all day”-and I liked how they felt. I tried the largest of the three included eartips and it fits snugly and comfortably. (A single Buds 2 bud weighs 5 grams, while both Buds Pro and Buds Plus buds weigh 6.3 grams.)

I flew from Salt Lake City to New York for more than 4 hours and wore it without any discomfort. Also, even if Buds Plus didn’t have stabilized rubber fins, I was able to run it on Buds 2 without any problems. However, they are not as sporty as the IPX7 rated and fully waterproof Buds Pro. Like Buds Plus, Buds 2 has only IPX2 sweat resistance.So light training should be fine, but probably Better options for runners..

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Bus forward bad

Buds 2 has a sound profile similar to Buds Plus. They are a little bass positive. In short, it’s a warmer, more forgiving sounding earphone. The treble is a bit more subdued (at least no sibilants), but with plenty of detail and the sound stage is reasonably open, but a bit more spacious than the Buds Pro sound stage.

Galaxy Buds 2 has 4 colors.

Drew Evans / CNET

Samsung didn’t provide much detail about the driver, just saying it was “two-way” (with a tweeter and woofer), but the earphones are comfortable to listen to, especially when listening to bass. I found it fascinating-heavy music. They work well in all genres, but seem to be a bit more suitable for hip-hop and today’s pop music. However, they do not provide the richer, clearer and more sophisticated sound of high-end buds such as: Sony WF-1000XM4, Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless II Or even Samsung’s own Galaxy Buds Pro. Still, most people should be as happy with their sound as people are. Apple AirPods Pro..

App control

For Android users, I can fine-tune the sound using Samsung’s wearable app and some equalizer preset modes, but I mainly used the default settings. Buds 2 works on iOS devices (and all Bluetooth audio devices), but like Buds Pro, it’s not compatible with the Galaxy Buds iOS app, so if you can’t upgrade the firmware, you have an Android device .. (Samsung seems to have given up on iOS users after Buds Plus and Buds Live, both compatible with the Galaxy Buds iOS app.)

You can also customize the touch controls of your app and add volume controls. Like the Galaxy Buds Pro and Buds Live, the touch controls work well and are responsive, but if you tweak your earphones to fit your ears, you can pause your music. You can turn off the touch control of the app if you want.

The Galaxy Buds 2 doesn’t stick out of your ears as much as some earphones.

David Carnoy / CNET

Noise Canceling: Good but not a star

Noise canceling falls into the excellent range, but not the stellar range. The fit was so good that I got some passive noise canceling without having to turn on active noise canceling. With ANC turned on, they did a solid job of muting the cabin noise during my flight.However, Buds Pro is good at muffling noise, and Buds 2’s noise canceling is Sony WF-1000XM4 or Bose QuietComfort earphones..

In addition to active noise canceling, there is an ambient mode where you can hear the outside world. This is the equivalent of Apple’s transparency mode on AirPods Pro. This sounds the most natural of the environmental or transparency modes I’ve tested. It’s the closest thing to making your ears look like nothing. Samsung has improved the ambient mode so that it sounds natural at both low and medium settings, but at high settings it actually artificially enhances the ambient sound. However, AirPods Pro remains the gold standard for transparency.

The bud has two outer mics and one inner mic, and a proximity sensor to detect when the bud is inside or outside the ear.

Lexy Savvides / CNET

Buds 2 lacks some of the additional features found in Buds Pro, such as 360 Audio. It’s similar to Apple’s spatial audio and works with more Samsung devices. It also doesn’t have the ability to pause music and move from noise canceling to ambient. Since it is a mode when talking, you can easily talk with the bud attached. It also has a proximity sensor, so pulling both earphones out of your ear will pause the music (pulling out only one will automatically pause most earphones), and the accelerometer and gyroscope are listed in the spec. , There are some premium features.

Like its predecessor, the Galaxy Buds, it also has a low-latency game mode, where the earphones automatically switch between Galaxy devices. However, there is no true multipoint Bluetooth pairing to switch between computer and phone etc. Although they support Samsung’s proprietary scalable codec streaming audio format for Galaxy devices and the widely used AAC codec, aptX streaming audio codec This is supported on some Android devices. It is also worth noting that the left or right buds can be used individually as a single bud. (Some people prefer to use a single bud to make phone calls and listen to podcasts and other audio with one ear.)

During the test period, there were no noticeable connection problems and the connection with the buds was generally solid. They are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2. Immediately after receiving the review sample, I made one firmware upgrade. You can expect Samsung to offer firmware upgrades from time to time to fix bugs and improve performance slightly.

Galaxy Buds 2 (left) and Galaxy Buds Pro (right).

David Carnoy / CNET

Impressive noise reduction of calls

Buds Pro has a good reputation for voice calls, and Buds 2 also worked very well in my voice call tests. Samsung says that each bud has three microphones (two outer beamforming, one inside) and an audio pickup unit, and Samsung’s new “machine learning-based solution” eliminates a variety of distracting background noise. Stated.

At the crowded and noisy Salt Lake City Airport, I talked to people around me, who said they could hardly hear background noise. They also said that my voice was relatively clear and almost undistorted (I could hear them well). Overall, I thought these buds were solid for voice calls, at least when it came to making calls using smartphones. For video conferencing calls on your computer, mileage may vary slightly.

Battery life is 5 hours when listening to music with noise canceling turned on (3 additional charges possible from a charging case that offers USB-C and wireless charging), when off It is rated at 7.5 hours. There is a quick charge feature that provides 5 minutes of charging to 1 hour of play time.

From my tests, these numbers look accurate, but the Galaxy Buds Plus is renowned for its excellent battery life (up to about 11 hours), and the Buds 2 offers a more average battery life. However, due to their active noise canceling capabilities and their small size, they are expected to reduce battery life slightly.

Galaxy Buds 2: Final Thought

As I said in the intro, the distinguishing feature of the Galaxy Buds 2 is really their design. Not only are these earphones smaller and lighter than the Buds Plus and Buds Pro line toppings, they also fit snugly in your ears and are relatively unobtrusive.In some respects they Beats Studio BudsIt’s also $ 150, compact and lightweight. Beats provides a decent sound while having stunning noise canceling and transparency modes. Beats is for iOS and has hands-free Siri (Buds2 has hands-free) Bixby For Galaxy users), there is a companion Android app, and Android users have a crossover appeal.

I like Beats’ physical buttons for controlling playback and changing sound modes. However, Buds 2 can be a bit better at making phone calls and may fit more safely in some people’s ears. At this point, I’d like to give Buds 2 a little advantage over Beats Studio, but I’ve already seen some. Beats Studio Buds Discount
The Galaxy Buds 2 should also start drifting towards $ 120 (and perhaps less) in the coming months. Galaxy Buds Pro is already sitting for $ 170, Or $ 30 off the list price. Buds Plus has to stick for a while as a budget option, and if you’re considering upgrading from them, Buds 2 feels like an upgrade, while noise canceling is a compelling addition, It’s not necessarily huge.

Buds Pro is better than Buds 2 at least in terms of sound and performance. However, in order to get the best performance from the earphone set, the earphones need to fit properly. And for many, the smaller the Galaxy Buds 2, the better it fits and the better choice.

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