Check out these Material You widgets Google is bringing to Android 12

Check out these Material You widgets Google is bringing to Android 12

Check out these Material You widgets Google is bringing to Android 12

Some of them might already be on your phone

With a stable build finally out for Pixel owners today, plenty of people are getting to try out Material You on their own phone for the first time. Dynamic themes aren’t the only visual enhancement for Android this year, of course. Most of the company’s widgets have been radically redesigned to match Material You, and Google wants to deliver a preview of what to expect.

If you’re using any number of first-party apps on your phone, you’re about to have a whole new selection of widgets to choose from for your home screen. We’ve seen many of these in early previews, and you can access some of them right now if you’re running Android 12. Others, including the Gmail widget and that new Maps shortcut panel, will likely arrive on phones at a later date.

Pretty much every mainstay Google app makes an appearance here, including Photos, Weather, and Keep. We’ll have to keep waiting to see if other apps, including Chrome, receive full makeovers as well, but so far, Material You is off to a great start. Looks like months of actively beta testing truly does pay off.


Overall, there’s a lot to love about Google’s new design philosophy for all those interactive elements littering your home screen. It’s not just that these all blend well together — they blend well with all of Android 12, period. Your wallpaper, app icons, and widgets all work with each other to create a monochromatic experience that’s basically unlike anything else we’ve seen on smartphones.

If you’re looking to try out a few widgets for yourself, Keep’s “Quick Capture” panel, YouTube Music’s vinyl-esque player, and the full selection of clocks are among some of the offerings already available.

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