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Cerence Brings Cerence Drive to Android Automotive OS


Cerence Brings Cerence Drive to Android Automotive OS

Cerence’s flagship Cerence Drive platform now offers support for the Android Automotive OS. The utility will allow automotive manufacturers to build custom-branded voice assistants with an Android foundation, and reflects Cerence’s longstanding commitment to interoperability.

According to Cerence, manufacturers that use the open-source Android Automotive OS will be able to retain ownership of their brand experience, as well as any driver data generated through their system. It will also make it easier to integrate their assistant with other elements of the modern IoT ecosystem, including Google Automotive Services and Google Assistant.

Cerence Drive 2.0 debuted in January, and restructured the platform to deliver more unified hybrid embedded and cloud capabilities. Assistants built with the platform support custom wake words, and let drivers use voice commands to control various aspects of the in-car experience, including the navigation and infotainment systems. The Android update will let manufacturers take advantage of the Android Automotive OS Voice Interaction Service.

“To ensure interoperability and be considered for wider deployment, voice solution providers need to work across disparate platforms and ecosystems of the automaker’s choosing,” said SBD Automotive Senior Connected Car Specialist Fahad Hamid.

“The Cerence Drive platform layered on the Android Automotive OS removes barriers for OEMs looking to create an exceptional branded and connected experience,” added Cerence CEO Sanjay Dhawan. “By taking a completely OS-agnostic approach to uniting these two platforms, Cerence delivers true coexistence of ecosystems in the car – an ‘and’ rather than ‘either/or’ approach – that creates a safer and more intuitive experience for drivers.”

Cerence recently partnered with CerebrumX to help equipment manufacturers create new revenue opportunities using the information gathered from connected cars. The company has also unveiled new Tour Guide and Cerence Look features that provide drivers with more contextual information about the world around them while they are on the road.