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Cannot access BIOS on Asus K50IJ Laptop


Cannot access BIOS on Asus K50IJ Laptop

Hoping I have put this in the right topic.


I have an Asus K50IJ Laptop running Windows 10 Ultimate as a spare and I know you are going to say its an old laptop but it’s just a spare that was working perfectly until the other day.


I cannot gain access to the BIOS even after removing the CMOS battery.


I turned off “FAST STARTUP” in the power settings as recommended but when I turn on the computer, it displays the screen picture I have attached on here for 3 seconds, then it goes to the second picture for 2 seconds and then to the third and then boots as normal. I have tried to repeatedly press F2 on startup but it wont let me gain access. So I removed the CMOS battery for over 3 hours and it still boots up without ever going to the BIOS.


I read that if you convert the MBR to GPT you can use recovery environment to gain access to the BIOS, so I converted the MBR to GPT and put it into recovery, but in the recovery menu, there is no option for “UEFI Firmware”


Now because I converted the MBR, it will not boot because I cant access the BIOS to change from “Legacy” mode to “UEFI” mode. It just gets to the attached 3rd screen and stops.


Any help appreciated