BlueStacks, an emulator to launch the best Android games – Explica .co

BlueStacks, an emulator to launch the best Android games – Explica .co

The mobile games They have become one more option to have fun with PC games or for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo. Its graphic quality, plot and gameplay have little to envy its brother consolers. What’s more, many titles are cross-platform. And for the best Android games, we have emulators like BlueStacks.

It is undeniable that proliferation of smartphones more and more powerful have made possible the existence of high-quality mobile games. And some of them are only available to iPhone or Android, so to play them you need a smartphone. Or not?

With the help of Bluestacks you can emulate Android on your PC or Mac. And not only that. This tool is designed to install the best Android games and play them respecting its graphic quality and performance even if it is an emulator.

But for BlueStacks to perform properly, it is not enough to install it on a good PC. It touches to make certain changes in its configuration. Let’s see what to do to squeeze the benefits of this android emulator.

Don’t skimp on RAM and CPU for BlueStacks

When we talk about emulation, it is about reproducing hardware elements through software. In the case at hand, BlueStacks emulates an Android device. And on your hardware, CPU and RAM stand out.

Your PC is better or worse based on CPU and RAM. In BlueStacks the same will happen to run the best Android games, which require a good hardware team.

BlueStacks - Best Android Games

Depending on your computer hardware, the emulator will offer you the performance options associated with virtualized hardware. Since Setting or preferences, you must go to the tab Engine or Motor. There you will see that you can choose an amount of CPU and RAM.

Note that the more resources you give the Android emulator, the less resources your computer will have. If you overdo it, it may be the case that the PC does not work as it should. Trying to change the virtual RAM and CPU you will find the balance.

Enable Windows High Performance mode

Another good help for BlueStacks to perform more and better is that Windows do part of the work for you. And we will achieve this by changing the energy saving settings.

Depending on the version of Windows it may change slightly. In Windows 10, you will find this option in Windows Settings> System> Start / Shutdown and Sleep. There you will see Related configuration options and the link “Additional power settings”.

BlueStacks - Best Android Games

On Energy options you will see the option High performance within “Preferred Plans”. As the menu says, you will improve Windows performance. On the contrary, it will consume more energy. If your PC is portable, the battery will last less.

In previous versions of Windows 10, you will find the Power Options from the search engine or in the Control Panel> Hardware and Sound.

Your graphics card

Assign virtual and physical resources to BlueStacks. They are key to improving your performance. But we also need that the graphics card do your part. The better the graphics card on your computer, the better.

Not only that. When you want to play a graphically demanding game, a recommendation is to update your drivers. To emulate the best Android games, it will also help to update the software in charge of managing your graphics card.

Both NVIDIA and AMD have their own management tools. In them you can check if you have the latest version or you should update.

Enable hardware virtualization of your CPU

This hack is specific to Windows. If you want to get the most out of graphic performance Bluestacks It will help a lot if you activate hardware virtualization. It will depend on your CPU whether or not you can use this feature.

You can check if it is activated by default in Windows by opening the Task Manager with the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys. Then you must go to the tab Performance. In the countryside CPU you will find an option called Virtualization.

BlueStacks - Best Android Games

If hardware virtualization is not enabled, you will need to check if your CPU is supported. For Intel CPUs you can use their Intel Processor Identification tool. For CPUs it is AMD, here you will find their compatibility check tool.

If it turns out that your CPU supports hardware virtualization, you will need to restart your PC and start BIOS setup. There you will find this option. Activate it, save the changes and restart the PC. When restarting Windows, check if it is already activated.

Making changes to the BIOS is tricky. If you are not familiar, make a backup before Windows and your files and personal data.

Bluestacks in the first place

To end. Even if your PC is up to date on hardware, if you want to get the best of Bluestacks you will need to dedicate all available resources to it. We have already seen how to do it in various ways. Another one is to close other programs and applications.

The fewer applications are open, the more resources there will be free to emulate android and thus better enjoy the installed games. You will have time to open those applications later.

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