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Anybody know what PC laptop Steve Jobs is using in these old photos?


Anybody know what PC laptop Steve Jobs is using in these old photos?

Looks like it could be a Toshiba Satellite, but none of the laptops I can find look exactly like it. The ports on the back and the side don’t match, but the logo on the top looks like it matches the Satellite logo

Thanks for the Toshiba tip. I couldn’t find a Satellite that matched either, but the styling of Steve’s laptop looked very Toshiba, so I looked around for other older Toshiba models. Then I ran across the Toshiba Tecra, and the Tecra logo definitely looked close to the one in the photos. Tecras also had that funky asymmetrical hinge design. After looking around at different models, it seems to be a 700-series Tecra, maybe a 740CDT (pics below). He probably ran OPENSTEP on it, according to people familiar with Steve’s habits back then. Funnily enough, I Googled around and found no mention of Steve using a Tecra. Everyone else points to Steve’s love of ThinkPads back then, and there are mentions of specific models he used, but nothing about this Tecra that shows up across multiple different photo dates in 1997.

Anyway, the logo and layout of the lid match the Tecra 740CDT:

The rear also matches:


And here’s the front. The 740CDT seems to date to 1996: