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Android 12, Pixel 5a coming soon


Android 12, Pixel 5a coming soon

Google is ready to launch its annual keynote, Google I / O 2021, on May 18th at 1:00 pm EDT (10:30 pm IST). At this year’s Google I / O, Mountain View, CA-based giant will announce new product and software development, including the first beta of Android 12, the next version of the mobile Android OS. Google is also expected to discuss future services, the new Pixel Buds A series, and more. However, the phone could go on sale in August, as software giants have already stated that the Google Pixel 5a will debut at about the same time as its predecessor. The virtual event, which will take place a year later, will continue until May 20th.

To watch the event, fans can access the Google I / O site or Google social media channels. You can also watch it from the embedded link below. Starting with the next generation of Android 12, the company may talk about the most anticipated features after releasing a preview for developers over the past few months. With Google I / O 2021, the company will unveil more user-focused features of Android 12 such as an updated UI, new lock screens, and privacy tools. Similar to the green and orange LED indicators Apple introduced in iOS 14 last year, there are rumors of a new privacy UI that alerts users when cameras, microphones, and locations are in use. Google is also reported to launch the Pixel Buds A series tonight. TWS earphones have been leaked several times, and recently Google “wrongly” tweeted about the Pixel Buds A series via the official Android Twitter handle. Leak doesn’t describe the product much, but the A-series name seems to make these affordable products from Google.

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Android 12, Pixel 5a coming soon

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