Android 12 beta 2 inconsistent accent color & nav stuck in portrait mode

Android 12 beta 2 inconsistent accent color & nav stuck in portrait mode

Android 12 beta 2 inconsistent accent color & nav stuck in portrait mode

Android 12 is well on its way to a stable release, at least for Google’s own devices later this year and in line with that, we already have the public beta builds to test-drive it, the latest one being the Android 12 beta 2 build.

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of Android 12 is the new theming Engine. This new theming system, code-named “monet”, creates a palette of colors based on the current wallpaper and applies these colors to the entire system.

This ‘Material You’ design language is aimed at helping users further personalize their device by having a completely unique theme on their devices, not just a bunch of pre-made accents.

So popular is this feature that we’re even seeing custom ROMs mimicking this feature on their current Android 11 builds, just to give users a taste of this new theming engine.

As impressive as this new feature is, it is still in Beta and as expected, there are bound to be a few hiccups here and there. In light of this, some users are reporting an inconsistent accent color on their devices.

Google’s new #MaterialYou theming, which automatically adapts accent color to your wallpaper, is partially active in Android 12 Beta 2. It needs a bit of work still (it’s a beta for a reason!), but it looks really nice when it does work how it’s supposed to.

A couple of fascinating Android 12 Beta 2 bugs:
1) Regardless of the wallpaper, I’m still getting pastel red/pink accent color on Android 12. #MaterialYou
2) Notification shade is basically transparent, lol

Admittedly, this Monet Theming Engine is pretty impressive as many users are pointing out. However, it is far from perfect and needs a lot of work to make it work reliably and consistently.

These reports have since been brought to the attention of Google and the company now says that it plans to fix this issue soon as the same has been forwarded to the engineers.

fowarded to engineers

We have passed this issue onto our engineering team and we will update this issue as more information becomes available.

Another issue that is reportedly afflicting users of this Android 12 Beta 2 build has to do with fullscreen apps in landscape mode. According to users, the navigation bar remains stuck on the display even when apps go full screen. This makes for a frustrating experience when using immersive apps.

android 12 beta 2 navigation bar stuck

Click/Tap to zoom (Source)

Back in May, we saw Google come out to acknowledge this issue, notifying affected users that this would be fixed in subsequent builds. However, this issue still persists even on the Android 12 Beta 2 build.

Granted, this is a Beta build and chances are that this will get addressed in the stable release later this year but it is still frustrating to have a bug persist for this long.

We shall continue to keep an eye on these and many other reported bugs on Android 12 and update as and when we get more info so stay tuned.

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