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Acer Spin 713 review | Stuff


Acer Spin 713 review | Stuff

The Acer Spin 713 offers plenty of features to tempt you into a purchase.

We’ve mentioned that fold-over display, which is a beauty – bright, vivid and pin-sharp. It also uses the taller 16:10 aspect ratio we prefer for working and web browsing (though it’s not quite as good as 16:9 for your binge watching). It’s a touchscreen panel too, giving you even more flexibility when it comes to interacting with your Chromebook.

When it comes to the keyboard and trackpad experience, there’s a more premium feel here than we’ve experienced on many Chromebooks, and there’s some subtle backlighting to the keys too – all signs that you’re paying more than the £300-£500 that the cheapest Chromebooks are currently going for.

Ports are really well catered for, and you’ve got the HDMI output we’ve already mentioned for hooking up a second monitor or a big screen TV, as well as two small USB-C slots, one bigger USB-A slot, a headphone jack and even a microSD card reader. If you’ve got a lot of other gadgets to connect up, this could well be the Chromebook for you.

Acer says you can expect around 10 hours of use from this laptop, and that more or less matches with what we experienced while we were using it. That’s enough for a long haul flight plus time at the airport, or for a whole day away from the office, and we don’t think you’re going to get any kind of battery anxiety from using the Acer Spin 713.

The Chrome OS software continues to improve and expand, adding better support for Android apps as well as tighter integration with your phone (as long as you’ve got an Android phone). These are perfect laptops if you’ve heavily invested in Google’s ecosystems, and spend all day inside Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube and Google’s long list of other apps and services.