A Tablet And Laptop In One Package

A Tablet And Laptop In One Package

Today I will be talking about a tablet, the Microsoft Surface Go 2. This tablet doubles as a tablet and a laptop. Don’t go asking me why tablets are evolving to look and act like discount MacBooks but some of them are pretty good. This laptop, or IPad, or tablet comes in at a price of $400. $400 translates to N152,300. And technically if you wanted to get a proper keyboard for it, you’d have to spend from $100 to $125 to get one. If you wanted to draw in addition to that, you would probably need to get a surface pen that costs $100. $100 is N38,050 and $125 is N47,562. So if you wanted to get the full experience out of this tablet (which I recommend), you would have to pay about $625 without the pen and $725 with it – which translates to N237,812 and N275,862 respectively. The tablet has about 10.5 inch screen.

It has this cool hinge at the back that allows you to use it as a stand so you don’t have to worry about leaning it against something and then it proceeds to fall flat on its face. All you have to do is unhinge it, then you will be able to prop it up easily. The angle of it is pretty good as well, so I think this feature is helpful. It uses USB-C for charging which is a common theme for most things nowadays. It has a Microsoft connector port but is pretty big so I would recommend just charging it using USB-C. And thankfully it has a headphone jack. For some reason companies have started removing headphone jacks from their appliances. It has an eight megapixel camera for the back and a five megapixel camera for the back, so you would be able to take pretty nice pictures with it.

They have far field studio mics which enhance the sound quality, which is great since a lot of places are still online, and having good sound quality is helpful so people don’t sound like an 80-year-old man with a sore throat and vocal cords ripped out. It also has WIFI 6 so the internet connection would be fast for most people. Here’s the thing: I would recommend that instead of buying the normal model, you buy the Core i3 which admittedly is a little more expensive but It would help your tablet a great deal.

But, if you just want it for web browsing or watching videos and movies you would be fine but, any more than that would make the tablet slow down. So if you are buying the tablet and want to edit on it, it is not going to cut it. I would recommend a real laptop. But if you wanted to use it casually, you would be perfectly OK. Its oversized picture frame with a screen is helpful for everyday use, so if you buy one you wouldn’t regret it. So good luck with that.


I hope you enjoyed this article and I wish you happy reading for next time.


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