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8 applications to download wallpapers in 4K for Android – Explica .co


8 applications to download wallpapers in 4K for Android – Explica .co

Customize your mobile with these applications to download wallpapers in high definition.

Rest assured, you can be sure that you are not the only person who likes to personalize their mobile. And although there are many ways to do it, we will make your life easier with this article. Why? Because we will tell you what they are The 8 best applications to download wallpapers in 4k for Android.

How to personalize your Android with a simple and elegant style

If you were looking for a free and effective way to get 4k wallpapers for your mobile, then you have reached the indicated site. After you install any of the apps on this list, you will have everything you need to customize your Android properly.

The best apps to download wallpapers on Android

Download wallpapers in 4K for your Android with these apps

Before you start downloading a HD wallpaper, make sure this is compatible with the resolution of your mobile screen. Do you want to take personalization to another level? Then better take a look at the 17 best apps to customize your Android to the fullest. Be that as it may, all the applications that you will see below will allow you to download wallpapers in 4k in a matter of seconds. Install the one you like the most!




Abstruct, an application with abstract wallpapers

Abstruct is an application with a lot of collections created by Hampus Olsson, an artist known for making several of the wallpapers used by OnePlus. As the name implies, Most of the 4k wallpapers that the application brings are abstract.

This collection has more than 350 wallpapers and the creator constantly updates it. If you like the wallpapers that the OnePlus has, then you will love downloading this application and putting some of these wallpapers on your mobile.



AmoledPix, an app with a variety of wallpapers

AmoledPix is ​​an app with more than 10,000 high definition wallpapers that you can use on your Android. The main focus of the app is to put at your fingertips dark hue wallpapers with categories like anime, architecture, quotes, cars and more.

When you select an image, you will have the ability to touch the tagged colors to find wallpapers with a similar aesthetic. As you must be imagining, it is a tool that It has what it takes for you to give your mobile a different look.

Backdrops- wallpapers


Backdrops, a wallpaper apps with a great community

This is one of the most popular wallpaper apps on Google Play, one that presents collections of photos or vector art. As if that were not enough, its catalog is updated daily by digital artists and its broad community.

Although the pro version offers you many more possibilities, the free version of Backdrops has a lot of collections that you can use to personalize your mobile. In a nutshell, you don’t need to spend a penny to personalize your mobile using this app.



Stokie: ideal for downloading stock wallpapers

Stokie is an app that contains a collection of stock wallpapers provided on devices by their manufacturers. However, it allows you to select an image to customize its attributes such as brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, focus level, and much more.

This tool is free to download, but offers an in-app purchase to remove ads, access additional features and receive priority support from customer care.



Tapet, an app to create wallpapers in high definition

Tapet is an application similar to Stokie because it allows you generate wallpapers by controlling specific parameters. That is, it does not offer a collection but uses mathematical functions to create patterns. The application uses a sliding system that shows you several different options so that you can save the one you like the most on your device.

As you have just seen, it is an app with which you can create original HD wallpapers in seconds. And if you were looking for something different, better take a look at these animated wallpapers to download to your Android, there is something for everyone!



Wallcandy, an app with works of art to personalize your mobile

WallCandy is an application for users with Android devices that have AMOLED screens. Is has a catalog of more than 5000 classified works of art that you can use as wallpapers, for the lock screen or wherever you decide to personalize your mobile.

Like most of the apps on this list, it comes with a feature that change your wallpaper automatically. In addition, it should be noted that its download is completely free and does not offer additional purchases.



Wallpapers, the Google alternative

Google wallpapers are a recommendation that you cannot miss in this list of applications to download wallpapers in 4K. Even in this 2021, the application shows some of the best landscape, cityscapes or seascape wallpapers.

This app has a daily rotation function that it will download images when you are connected to the WiFi and it will be changing them every day. Without a doubt, it is a great alternative if you want your mobile to look different day after day.



Walpy, to download wallpapers from Unsplash

Walpy is an application that uses Unsplash (website known for its wallpapers) and gives you the possibility to obtain its images so that you can edit its blur, brightness, saturation, vignette and color. Thanks to this, it allows you to create high-quality 4K wallpapers so that you can personalize your mobile with style.

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None caught your attention? Well, better take a look at this list with the best wallpapers for your Android. You will love some!

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