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7 Android and iPhone apps to help you plant your garden


7 Android and iPhone apps to help you plant your garden

When it comes to gardening, the benefits are endless. There is tranquility when planting, expectations when growing, and ultimately a beautiful and often delicious harvest. In addition, the complacency that your plant grows during maturity is unmatched.

Unfortunately, if you’re new to gardening practices, it can seem like a daunting task.

The good news is that there are many apps available to help you plant, care for and harvest your garden! Here are some of the best of these apps, filled with the knowledge to plant a new garden.

1. Seed to Spoon: The best app for choosing seeds

One of the best planting options for your garden is a patch of fruits and vegetables. Not only do they provide delicious results, but they also grow at flowering, flowering, and exponential rates. You will soon have a beautiful garden.

From seeds to spoons, it helps determine which plants to use in the garden of annual and perennial vegetables and fruits. It indicates the growth conditions required for a particular vegetable, herb, or fruit and helps determine if it is suitable for climatic conditions.

In addition to an extensive knowledge database, this app provides weekly gardening blog posts, video tips, and access to exclusive shopping deals.

download: From seed to spoon Android | iOS (Free, with subscription)

2. Veggie Garden Planner: To plot your garden

Please note that the free version of this app is very limited and in fact only serves as a trial version to test if you want to use the premium version.

Those who are interested Design your garden from a landscape architect’s perspectiveYou can easily plot the area using this app by dividing the garden into sections for a very partitioned garden.

This app is directly linked to the essence of removing a lot of fluff associated with the garden planning app and directly choosing well-affiliated plants for vegetable and flower gardens. One of the best features of this app is its warning system. If you make a mistake in gardening, you will be immediately notified of potential dangers.

download: Veggie Garden Planner Android | iOS (Free in-app purchase is possible)

3. Horticulture: For seed planting and tracking

Gardenize has excellent gardening options when sowing seeds. With the in-app photo editing system, you can take a picture of the sowing directly and draw and write it directly on it to show the sowing area.

After placing the seeds on the ground, Gardenize acts as an incredible gardening pocket journal. You can add special notes about the type of care each plant needs, or schedule event reminders to ensure you never miss a fertilization!

This is very user friendly Great option for novice gardeners everywhere.. The app is customizable and has a community of fellow gardeners to connect with for future support.

download: Gardenize Android | iOS (Free, with subscription)

4. Gardenia jasminoides: Plant maintenance and watering

In the heat of summer, missing a watering cycle can completely destroy your garden. Without water, if the temperature is too high, the plants will burn and remain dry. Gardenia jasmineides is a great way to ensure that your plant never misses another cure.

Whether you need to schedule water, fertilizer or harvest, Gardenia’s beautifully organized app will give you a creative view of your reminders. All you have to do is pre-schedule these and check out the Gardenia app when you start your day.

Gardening has all the gardening chores you need, so you’ll have more time to enjoy the splendor of your garden. The app also adds new plants each week to provide basic information access for over 90,000 plant species.

download: Gardenia jasminoides Android | iOS (freedom)

5. PictureThis: Identification of weeds and diseases

When the bean sprouts break through the ground, the garden is filled with new life every morning. PictureThis helps identify whether the new shoots are intended seedlings to reach the sun or vegetative weeds.

Simply take a photo from the app or upload a photo from your library to identify the plant. The app quickly informs you of the identity of the plant and whether it should be left in the garden.

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In addition, if you notice a diseased or dying plant, you can use the app again to diagnose the plant’s disease. It will then provide you with all the necessary information to help you fix the problem. The app has a wealth of useful guides and tips, and you can even save your plant search history in a virtual garden to facilitate future identification.

download: PictureThis for Android | iOS (Free, with subscription)

6. Moon & Garden: Explain the moon phase

Most people are familiar with the effects of the sun as an important aspect of plant photosynthesis. Moon & Garden is an app designed to help gardeners learn and harness the power of the moon during the garden’s growth cycle.

The app basically acts as a calendar that synchronizes your gardening with the cycle of the month. You can set your location and the app will automatically start suggesting the best gardening practices for use during the various cycles of the month. This includes everything from transplantation to harvesting.

It’s hard to see the benefits of this app over your yard, but it’s another fun way to manage your yard and your zodiac at the same time!

download: Moon & Garden Android | iOS (Free in-app purchase)

7. BBC Gardeners World Magazine: More Information

If you want to increase your gardening knowledge while waiting for the plants to flourish, the BBC Gardeners World Magazine is the best option available.

While some magazines simply display virtual pages, BBC Gardeners World Magazine is a completely immersive app with almost everything you need to improve your gardening know-how.

Whether you need new houseplants to survive the harsh winter or need hints of spring garden landscapes, this app fits the bill. There is also an additional page called Secret Garden available to subscribers. This page has exclusive how-to content such as videos and DIY guides.

download: BBC Gardeners World Magazine Android | iOS (Free in-app purchase is possible)

Virtual gardening from anywhere

Starting a garden is one of the best ways to enjoy nature and experience its benefits at the same time. No matter which garden you decide to build, whether it’s flowers, succulents or vegetables, one of the best aspects of gardening is the overwhelming sense of calm it brings.

If you can’t get into the soil by hand, some amazing new apps have been developed for virtual gardeners. Do you have a garden? no problem. Beauty and tranquility are plentiful in mobile app gardening games.

Gardening game
The best mobile gardening game for Android and iPhone

Gardening can be a relaxing pastime. But not everyone has a garden. So here are the best gardening games for Android and iOS.

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