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5 ways to make the most of your laptop


5 ways to make the most of your laptop

In partnership with LG

Most of us are spending more time at home than ever before and technology is playing a huge part, with video calls, online classes and Minesweeper (ok, maybe not Minesweeper) becoming the new normal.

Laptops have become a necessity – we’re using them for work, play, socialising and everything in between, so with portable computers playing such a central part in our lives, it’s crucial to get the right hardware when there’s such a bewildering selection to choose from.

With this mind, we’ve picked out five ways to make the most of your laptop – alongside the key things a laptop needs to get right to excel in those areas. And if your current machine isn’t cutting the mustard in these departments, then maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

As we’ve said, if you’re in the market for a new notebook the choice is plentiful and you’ll find plenty of recommendations on the Stuff website, but definitely take time to consider LG’s gram range.

The latest machines are available in 14, 16 and 17-inch sizes, balancing fantastic screen quality and powerful components with brilliant battery life and a lightweight design – ensuring they fit into every facet of your life. Minesweeper optional.