5 Tips on How to Future Proof Your Laptop

5 Tips on How to Future Proof Your Laptop

5 Tips on How to Future Proof Your Laptop

Buying a new laptop or doing upgrades is a significant investment for the long term. Many people plan to use the same laptop for at least a couple of years, without the need for any repairs or replacements. After all, it can feel frustrating to buy a new laptop, only to feel like the device is already outdated or obsolete. The best way to prevent a regretful purchase is to future-proof your laptop.

There are several ways to approach future-proofing a laptop. For some people, they enjoy upgrading their current laptops and enhancing specific components to boost the computing power. For many others, the best option is to simply purchase a powerful laptop from the get-go. A high-quality laptop with excellent technical specs should last you for many years to come.

Although technology evolves quickly, there are certain key components that ensure your laptop gives you many years of high performance. Check out these five tips on how to future-proof your laptop!

1) Get as much RAM as you can afford

Memory Upgrades

Random Access Memory (RAM) is an essential component for future-proofing your laptop. RAM acts as short-term storage for all the programs you run. The more RAM you have, the more programs you can handle at the same time without decreases in performance. As technology continues to evolve, having more RAM will help your older laptop to stay competitive.

If you want a high-performing laptop, the minimum RAM you need is 8GB. Anything lower will be too slow for HD gaming and working in multiple programs without slowdown. When buying a gaming laptop, go for as much RAM as you can afford, especially since modern video games are so resource-intensive nowadays. The difference in RAM will become clear as you use the laptop efficiently, and you won’t have to upgrade your entire machine to handle new programs.

2) Look for laptops with new CPUs

CPU Upgrade

When purchasing a laptop, the CPU is worth investing extra money in. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is responsible for executing instructions that different programs give to your laptop. The CPU controls what happens when you interact with the laptop using the keyboard, touchpad, or a program. A faster CPU lets programs run quicker, as well as operate more programs at the same time.

If you want to invest in speed to future-proof your laptop, look for the eighth, ninth, and tenth generation CPUs from Intel. Many laptops also use AMD Ryzen CPUs, which would be another powerful option that will keep your laptop competitive in the coming years.

For a future-proof laptop with powerful processors, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 is an excellent option capable of lasting multiple years. This laptop features the state-of-the-art Ryzen 9 CPU, alongside the NVIDIA RTX 3080 GPU, allowing you to run resource-intensive programs for years to come. The ROG Zephyrus G15 is also designed with a durable magnesium-aluminum lid and a stylish wear-resistant coating that further enhances the durability of your laptop.

3) Look for laptops with a good GPU


The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is also sometimes called a video card. This component is responsible for rendering images from your laptop to your screen. High-quality GPUs free resources from your CPU by doing more work than usual. The better your GPU is, the longer you’ll find your laptop is able to keep up with modern games and programs.

The GPU is an excellent investment to future-proof your laptop, complementing well with your CPU and an appropriate amount of RAM. All these components in your laptop work together in unison. Having a fast CPU alone isn’t enough if your GPU isn’t able to keep up. If you invest in 32GB of RAM but lack a fast CPU and GPU, you won’t be able to maximize the performance on your laptop.

4) Look for laptops that emphasize cooling

Cooling fans

Cooling is an underrated factor that influences the longevity of your laptop. Over the years, dust and debris get trapped inside your device, which acts as insulation and raises the temperature while your laptop is running. The heat decreases performance and degrades the quality of the components within your laptop.

Laptops like the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo 15 have an advanced cooling system to keep the internal temperature at a low level. Its dual-fan setup is combined with six heat pipes in strategic positions, which work together to dissipate heat from the laptop. Plus, the secondary screen in this laptop can be tilted to allow for better airflow, thanks to its ErgoLift technology. When optimized, the laptop can potentially improve its cooling airflow by 36%!

5) Protect your laptop from physical damage

Laptop Case

Laptops and upgrades are needed as they tend to deteriorate more quickly when you don’t take care of them in the long term. Many scratches, stains, and scuffs commonly appear on laptops out of carelessness or neglect. That’s why you should always make a concerted effort to protect your laptop from physical damage. Your goal is to reduce the rate of deterioration as much as possible.

Your laptop’s design impacts its longevity. Laptops built with resilient materials tend to last longer against knocks and drops. Some manufacturers like ASUS test their products rigorously to meet military-grade standards for sturdiness. These durable laptops are tough, robust, and can last for many years to come.

A main area of focus is to preserve your laptop battery. This can be done by limiting how often you turn your laptop on and off. Every time you power on the laptop from a completely off state, it puts a bit of stress on your hardware. Try to limit turning your laptop on to just once a day. Another tip is to keep your power cord in good condition. Don’t yank your cord out of the socket or bend them in unusual positions.

Finally, accidents happen despite your best efforts to be careful. That’s why some brands like ASUS offer a solid laptop warranty for many of their products. The warranty may provide coverage when the laptop is accidentally damaged by water spills, electrical surges, or cracked screens. This protection plan gives you peace of mind even if your laptop encounters an unfortunate accident.

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