3 Android Apps That Every Tea Enthusiast Needs to Know About

3 Android Apps That Every Tea Enthusiast Needs to Know About

3 Android Apps That Every Tea Enthusiast Needs to Know About

Discover new teas from around the world, or brew yourself the perfect cup with these Android apps for tea lovers.


Tea is amazing and comes in so many forms. From herbal and green teas to white and black teas, all forms of it are chock full of antioxidants, mind and body benefits. If you love tea, then you are bound to love these Android apps that were designed with you in mind.

1. Tea Diary

Have you ever made that perfect tea then agonized on never being able to replicate it? If only you had noted down the details on how you made it.

Tea Diary is the ultimate app for those who love to keep track of their tea drinking. It’s a diary that allows you to make notes about every single detail of your tea, from temperature, brewing time, company, and pricing.

You can give each cup a personal rating and write a detailed note on your experience. For the perfect experience, why not use some calming apps to create a peaceful environment to enjoy your tea.

The app comes with a flavor wheel that allows you to select your tea flavors and you can attach a picture to remind yourself of its appearance. For those who love to experiment and test out different teas, there’s no better application.

Download: Tea Diary (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. MyTeaPal

Ever wanted a social media platform for just tea? Well, MyTeaPal is just that and more. It’s the ultimate companion for tea drinkers, coming with a timer, tracker, journal, and community all in one app.

MyTeaPal acts as a tea journal, allowing you to record your tea experiences in details ranging from different teas, teawares, vendors, ingredients, and brew logs in just one place.

You can then share all your experiences with the world, and comment and like other people’s brewing methods and teas. It’s a fun way to discover new recipes and learn more about tea.

You can personalize your collections and browse the tea encyclopedia to learn about different styles and tutorials on how to prepare different teas. You can keep track of your inventory with the quantity tracker, and at the end of the day when you want to see all the tea you have drank throughout the year, you can view your statistics and logs with the data visualization feature.

Download: MyTeaPal (Free)

3. Tea Time

Tea Time is a simple timer app that allows you to set the right time for the steeping of your tea and get a notification when it’s ready to enjoy. You can create and manage curated lists for teas with different steeping times so you never have to mix up timings and end up with an over-brewed tea.

You can adjust alarm settings and add information on different timers for the types of tea you like, the different infusions, as well as temperature and quantity of the tea.

Download: Tea Time (Free)

Everything You Need to Enjoy Your Tea

With these apps, you will never make a bad cup of tea again. Learning and experiencing new flavors and styles will help open your doors to a world of tea you didn’t know existed.

And if you also enjoy a cup of coffee, there are plenty of apps and places online for you to check out too.

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